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The Penny Red Collector

Keith Heddle, managing director of investments at Stanley Gibbons, said: It is testament to the strength of the market for rare stamps that we have managed to sell not just one, but two Plate 77 Penny Reds in the last four years. Heddle said this latest stamp has been bought by an anonymous British buyer, who he said was both a collector and someone who expected an investment return on the item.

Heddle said its higher price reflected the fact that it was in significantly better condition. The stamp is thought to be the only one in the world. It was one of three created by a local postmaster whose expected delivery of stamps had been delayed by storms, forcing him to ask local printers to produce an emergency issue.

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Stanley Gibbons said despite the huge volatility seen in financial markets since the turn of the year, the market for rare stamps and coins remained resilient. Start with a basic question: If no like yours , it's going to be SG catalog numbers To narrow this down, you'll have to know a bit about how to plate the imperforate penny reds no plate numbers are on any of the issued imperforates. You can narrow the range of possible plates down in this way: If it was from plates , it is one of SG but most likely SG8 Specialized Catalog Number B1 Now, moving on to the numeral-cancelled stamps which yours is , we can look at the size and shape of the letters to put them into two batches - those printed with letters that were made with the first letter punch set - Alphabet 1 - and those made from the second letter punch set - Alphabet 2.

Alphabet 1 letters are found on plates still SG , but most likely SG8, and also referred to as Specialized number B1. Those printed with Alphabet 2 letters plates are also SG , but the Specialized numbering scheme differentiates the alphabets and calls these B2's.

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As a rule, the comparable letters from Alphabet 2 are larger than those from Alphabet 1 the "G" is pretty close in both alphabets. Your stamp appears to have Alphabet 1 letters.

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To further differentiate between SG8, 9, 10, and 11, you have to look at the colors. Virtually everyone just calls the bulk of the stamps in this batch "SG8" unless there is a really good reason to think it's one of the others. There are various ways to further narrow down individual stamps and match them to the plate that originally printed them. This has to do with looking at the position of the letters within the lower corner boxes, other marks that may have resulted from the plate making process, gaps in the lines around the stars at the top corners, remnants of guide lines, doubled letters, etc.

Stanley Gibbons enters the internet age with stamp auction site

Now, moving on to the perforated reds: There are many different varieties of these. I've chosen to just ignore the perforated reds in my collection my choice. However, let me hit the high points: These are differentiated by the die used to print the profile dies 1 and 2 were used for these issues , alphabet punch sets 1, 2, and a new set, 3, were used for these issues , perforation, paper, watermark, and color. These are the stamps that have the plate numbers within the turnings at the sides of the Queen's head.

UK’s second most valuable stamp sells for £495,000

If you want a quick run down of the different stamps I'm talking about here and relative values , you might want to check out the specialized price list put out by someone like Arthur Ryan. If you select his "stamp price list" link, then choose "Queen Victoria stamps. Hope that helps get you started. Marvelous stuff there Chip, thank you very much indeed.

QV Penny Red Plates Index | GB

Going by the loss of definition and blurry type print I am thinking perhaps a very worn plate, rather than abuse met in the collection process. Classical era collecting with the Blues http: Can't help myself The postmark personalises the stamp. Stitt Dibden, and the postal history society Surrey. In an amazing example of "Late Use" A Penny red plate 23 was cancelled March 21st 64 years after it was printed. View Last New Topics.

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