They should not only be grateful to you for getting them their position but they should also be wary of what you can do. Tossing a sociopathic, mass-murderer aside the moment he has finished doing what you want seems like a dangerous move to me. However, by that point, the game has ended so you can't actually do anything about it. Ajay just takes it for some reason. The final thing I wanted to mention was drugs. Drugs seem really forced into this game for whatever reason, possibly because of the drug trips in Far Cry 3? Whatever the reason, it made me cringe when drugs were suddenly involved.

I mean, they didn't even attempt to explain this one. If Ajay is their guinea pig then they should want to observe him. The last thing they should want to do is take his stuff away and force him to find his way back. Another drug related incident that made no sense was when Ajay is captured by Pagin and put in a cell. They have him captured. Out of the picture.

So the reason why this guard is injecting him with trippy drugs is? And how that allows him him to forge a grappling hook is totally beyond me. I feel as if some would read this and roll their eyes claiming, 'He's tripping out. He didn't actually break out of his cell and get chased by a demon,' and that may be so, but that still gives no explanation as to how he did it. It feels like the developers thought that drugs were groovy and that people will like those trippy states, so that's the whole reason they are there.

And if someone were to ask them how Ajay actually managed it, all they have to do is shrug and say 'because drugs. I feel that sums up most of the story of Far Cry 4. I can't help but think Far Cry 4 would have been so much better if you had the option of supporting Pagan Min. Instead of choosing between the two tribal leaders, neither of which was super interesting, let the player choose between helping the tribe or going the evil route and helping Pagan Min further take over.

Pagan Min was by far the most interesting character in the game.

Far Cry 4 - Payback: Ajay Ghale Wakes Up to a Dead Yuma Lau, Amita Chat Sequence "Hat-Trick" Trophy

If you play the secret ending by never leaving the table in the beginning you briefly get a glimpse of what it would have been like to have stayed on his good side. Ubisoft created a fascinating character and then relegated him to the background. I think it says a lot that I played Far Cry 4 a while ago and can't remember anything about either of the two leaders you help, but I remember Pagan Min. That seems to be a trend with the Far Cry franchise.

Far Cry 3 killed off the only interesting character halfway through the game. It would be so much more interesting to enable a third option where you can learn the truth about the conflict and help Pagan Min. I really like the special ending because it really show that the entire game just basically started out as a simple misunderstanding.

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It's also a gut punch to the player to see how everything accomplished in the "main" game is really for the worse. True, except for the plotline where he kidnapped that animal rights activist and made her lead the fights against animals for years while telling her he would kill her daughter even though he already did. So aside from the misunderstanding he's still a lunatic asshole.

They tried to push the idea that Amita would basically become a new Pagan Min They tried to push the idea that Sabal was basically the Nepalese Taliban Both of them demand you do what they say and yell at you if you don't but the way its handled in the game is super awkward Ajay says he'll do their thing during the cutscene where you hear the proposal, but then you get the option to do the other thing anyways.


Meanwhile the actual open-world gameplay and side missions are mostly played for laughs - there's one hostage rescue where the native dude tells you the soldiers are kidnapping people and forcing them into prostitution, but it's treated as a joke basically. Really undercuts the idea that Min is a horrible dictator you have to stop. The game mechanics are also absolutely at odds with the "message.

And yet somehow this is part of becoming the sacred tribal warrior who's in tune with the land or whatever. They do nothing, ever, until the attack on Min's fortress. It boggles my mind that you can't at least tell wandering Golden Path groups to follow you. Far Cry 4 was fun but the plot and themes are a total muddled mess and it really feels like it's that way because no one really gave a shit and they spent all their money on the like 2 scenes with Pagan Min. There is a button you can press while looking through binoculars to call a squad of friendlies.

There are also upgrades for them. Doing various tasks grants you resource points to spend on these goons. I remember noticing this towards the end and realizing that nothing in the game ever mentions this feature. That's because the game isn't really arguing Min is a horrible dictator you have to stop.

The "canon" ending of Far Cry 4, I believe, is when you wait for him to come back and you go scatter the ashes together. All Min really wants is to hand control of the country over to you. The country can't really be fixed. In a sense, he went crazy trying to do The game tells, but doesn't show. A plot where the revolutionaries gradually become less and less sympathetic while the tyrant becomes more and more is actually a pretty good fit for videogames, where players are used to racking up genocidal body counts with absolute moral justification not that it should be Spec Ops, but the FC3 writer did babble about Heart of Darkness a bit.

However, the plot we got is just too underwritten. Frankly, it wasn't long enough ironic considering the game itself was so goddamn huge to tell the story it wanted to tell, although I was grateful for the brevity since it was so horrendously written. It sounds to me like you were expecting the game to be more "in your face" with the plot, but it takes a very minimalist approach akin to Metal Gear Solid V.

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Everything else is audio tapes. It's like Destiny except fortunately it's in-game: I agree with you on how they were trying to push the 'Sabal and Amita are evil too' on you. I don't know if you saw this but at the end of the game, I believe only if you spare Pagin, you will get a cutscene with whichever of the two you sided with. In Sabal's, he is slaughtering traitors in front of Bhadra; and in Amita's, she is forcing kids away from their parents and home to join her army. However, you don't see anything to this extent throughout the rest of the game which is why I mentioned how off it seemed when they suddenly change at the end.

The weird thing is, is that you can accomplish Ajay's mission at the beginning of the game if you just wait at the table for ten minutes. Pagin comes back, takes you right to your sisters grave, and then he invites you to come with him to blow shit up. But before you are able to fight for Pagin, while he is a tyrant, he's still probably the best option the game goes to credits.

Pagin even reveals to you that Ajay's father killed Ajay's sister because she was Pagin's daughter.

Did anyone else feel that Far Cry 4's story was trying but failing? : truegaming

Fighting for Pagin would have been a much better game, in my opinion. Like reclaim the country and then go home to America or kill Pagin and become king would have been better options. He doesn't even know he has a half-sister. If he'd waited at the table and eaten his crab like he was told, he would have found that out much earlier. Ajay's motivation for supporting the rebels is foggy. RAGE had the same problem. But at the end of the day, it's basically just that there are people trying to kill him.

I mean, in a sense, though, the last thing Pagin Min wants is for Ajay to die. The game has an odd paradox. He wants Ajay to take control of the country in his stead.

That's what the entire story is about. Ajay is former US Military. So he has been killing, or at least training to kill people, for quite some time. A good reason to let him live is to simply hear him out. After all, Pagin Min clearly doesn't hate Ajay, and there's very clearly something Ajay isn't being told about the real nature of the Golden Path and the civil war. It was hardly random considering that you hallucinated them being dictators when you were drugged. The game makes it very clear that the Golden Path are corrupt and both prospective leaders are willing to kill whomever impedes their plans.