2) Intelligent people are more suspicious.

You guys should do video Jay, this is my first week doing it. I already know that. Anyway, he is a Ph. This is what I know now.

10 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have A Rough Time Finding Love

This is what I think. How damn are you? Could I use my brain to relate to them? You can almost do it as an anthropologist. Can you do it? And then also like can you have enough self-awareness to get there? Well, of course that comes from the intellectual part of you and you need to cultivate a bias for action and this is a caveat that you need to like I said conditioned, cultivating yourself, being decisive, taking action. They theorized endlessly without taking any action and one of my great intellectual heroes is Wang Yang-ming.

Yes, you got to start practicing that.

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Now you say you bring up tango and meditation. Meditation I can totally recommend. In fact my teacher, Stefan Ravalli blissandco. He teaches a kind of transcendental meditation that uses a mantra. Get a coach, just do it. They usually have a free preview so you can try it out for free. Go and try it out for free. So cultivating yourself a bias for action. Your turning interactions with others into a battle for supremacy is wholly about your ego, not your intellect. Your post is indicative of what some gifted people suffer from, which is the belief that expressing how knowledgeable you are is more important than developing connection and rapport with others.

So long as you perceive your intellect to be the most important thing about you and the most important mediator between yourself and others, you will continue to struggle with isolation. But that might be consistent with your value system, if you think that connecting with others on the basis of something other than intellect is beneath you. Unless your IQ has outstripped hers, she would be one significant indication that IQ does not make you unrelatable to others or vice versa.

It is rather the significance you have chosen to attach to various aspects of your personality, character and intelligence that results in that. Personally, I am quite socially adept and do not see that growing up with a higher iq and the unique set of issues that come with that to be a matter of supremacy, rather, an experience only relatable for those who have experienced it. My response was to her comment and her accusation that those who have found fulfilling relationships with others must not be intellectually gifted.

I shared the Marilyn vos Savant clip to show that someone with an IQ much higher than anyone posting here is of the opinion that some who claim to not be able to relate to others due to differences in intellect in actuality have personality issues.

'I wouldn’t trade her love for anything.'

Someone who encounters others that she might have something in common with and yet feels a need to assert her superiority over them rather than simply enjoying their company has an ego problem, not an IQ problem. This is fundamentally an issue of values. As other comments noted, such a perspective on life is a self-limiting one.

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As a teenager and as a child I felt rather out of place. One reassurance I had to maintain my self-esteem was my rather extraordinarily successful family members. One behavior I inadvertently started to do regularly is to speak my mind in social and working situations. Recently, in my late 20s I decided to start treatment for my underlying ADD.

Now with some regularity co-workers, mentors, and even my spouse state similar things in response to my new behavior. It seems that my ADD was a underlying normalizing mechanism for an elevated baseline aptitude. Additionally I rarely think of off the wall things why my treatment is in place, so overtly humorous and dumbed down ideas are less frequently on the tip of my tongue. One thing that I thought I was done with long ago is a distressing levels of cynicism. More specifically cynicism of others not of world affairs, life in general, etc ….

The cynicism stems from the difficulties my esteemed colleagues have at understanding my methods or justifications. One redeeming aspect is that in my discipline there are occasional colleagues who are aptitude cohort members.

They seem to recognize and appreciate my methods and justification. Its like going from a small flock of geese to an even smaller flock of geese. I was high school valedictorian and a national merit scholar who was paid to go to an excellent college and attended a top 10 law school for free.

However, I have trouble making friends because I easily get bored with people. The conversation tends to devolve into me asking them questions, finding some way that they are confused, and trying to help dispel their confusion. This makes people feel stupid, which then makes them angry, and then I often just walk away out of frustration.

I have tried sticking with small talk like the weather, what they like to do on the weekends, or what their favorite books are, but all of that gets boring very fast and becomes hard for me to pay attention.


When people continue trying to prove me wrong about obvious things, I sometimes get tired of fending off their feeble attacks and want to tell them about my academic and intellectual history, but I know that would just make them jealous and angry. Great items from you, man. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to stay it smart. I just am not on the same level as my peers in anyway. I myself believe that the measure of mental capacity is not easily measured because many theirs many different instances and factors that influence the final result. Do tests like the IQ test measure potential?

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Trust me, sometimes giftedness is a curse. I think people should be satisfied with their unique range of their own qualities. The research suggests that people with IQs in the 99 percentile, rarely go on to do anything of significance, or feel compelled to prove themselves to others. Stimulating your unwitting nevertheless condescending response was precisely why the sarcasm was levied. It seems to have worked like a charm. Also, fellow here. Fyi, a intelligence is not a base. It represents a fully formed intelligence profile.

A IQ is the 98th percentile for the majority group. Instead of talking down to anyone, speak to them as you would to whomever you consider your peer. Even people with 95 IQs can often detect when someone is speaking down to them. For instance, I can predict the end outcome of the confluence of most sets of variables very quickly and to great depth. This allows me to quickly build valid models that take into account any new variable, and win most arguments.

This is because my models, assuming that I have all necessary information, are almost always correct. Although this assessment is informal, my experience tells me that intelligence can spike in certain functions, and that those functions may not be taken into account in the common IQ test. I do suspect a very light case of Aspergers. I think your comment on IQ tests not capturing important aspects of higher intellect is valid, and in fact, an IQ test is seen as nothing more than a crude tool in a clinical setting, and used pretty much exclusively for identifying deficits in children, and even then it would only require the use of one or two components.

A truly high intellect will be compelled to understand all aspects of the universe, and to that end, will have applied itself to all the sciences.

To the Really Smart Guys (+ IQ) - How Do You Relate to Average Women? - www.mfarrow.com Forums

A truly great mind is creative, and capable of original thought. Identifying relationships is only the tip of the iceberg. Based on the comments here it is easy to understand why those with high IQs have social problems. You will find yourself alone when you belittle others and boast in your own capabilities.

A little humility goes a long way. They can either fulfil these expectations and lose themselves and follow the pack , or completely ignore them and base their identity on some other trait they have but then you will be seen as a lazy mess of a person, since some of these expectations involves productivity and over-archieving at every possible task.

A vert same argument is made on rich kids, since they are expecte to fill self-imposed expectations of every aspect possible, which I usually soul draining, they tend to lack that sense of humanity other people get to experience much easier. And a very interesting counter argument is made: I hope cursing is allowed here.

They can either fulfil these expectations and lose themselves, or completely ignore them and base their identity on some other trait they have but then you will be seen as a lazy me of a person, since some of these expectations involves productivity and over-archieving at every possible task. A vert same argument is made on rich kids, since they are expect to fill self-imposed expectations of every aspect possible, which I usually soul draining, they tend to lack that sense of humanity other people get to experience much easier.

I completely related to the reading. One thing that helped me understand the difference in my personality to the majority of the population was the Myers Briggs Personality theory. I would be surprised if she was with in two standard deviations have that.