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Rune Factory 4 Who did you marry in Rune Factory 4? I absolutely LOVE this game. I was so close to completing it too!

Ushi No Tane - Harvest Moon

I'm talking about this awesome dude. Usagi-mayu , Aug 25, I went with Dolce Which I didn't save.

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And then Clorica took her place. XD Although I did want to marry Illuminata, it was sad she wasn't a marriage candidate. XD I may restart the game as Frey though, not sure who I'm gonna marry. Probably Dylas or Vishnal. Chickenfoot , Aug 29, Usagi-mayu , Aug 29, I've married Forte because I didn't know better.

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Thought she was cool because she helped a lot in battles. Haven't started a second playthrough, yet, but when I do, I may go after Dolce, h3h3h3. I'm still deciding between Vishnal, Leon, Dylas, and Doug. Basically making sure all my top choices are even on how much they love me. Plus Kiel is really cute too. I'm also deciding between Forte and Amber. Clorica is alright, but some of her habits annoy me way too quick. I started a playthrough as a guy, was upset I couldn't marry the men, started playing as a girl so I could marry the men, and lost all interest in the men and just wanted to marry the women!

It's kind of silly, really. I haven't married yet, but I'm going for Dolce.

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SmashChamp , Jan 31, Heyy seems like we have the same taste in men xD I married Dylas first too, we had a baby boy named Dylan It's a mixture of my name and Dylas. I find Meg to be really cute anyway so it doesn't really bother me. Dolce was just my first choice. RNG is a bitch, I don't think there's even a special modifier for Dolce or something.

Rune Factory 4 - Date with Doug at the Lake

Raise her up to more LP and the chance will be better. Yeah, I guess that's true. I like how they tried to make RF4 better and more real I guess by making events and stuff random, but I think they went a little too far on how much is random.

I'm dating Meg right now and I don't really like dating more than one girl. I did like Amber, and still do, she's just a little annoying right now.

Press 'A' to Marry: The Narrative Value of Romance in Rune Factory 4

I personally went for Amber, actually. Partly for being a lolicon, but she's cute and being a Guardian gave her quite a bit of backstory over other characters too. I love how she's always worried about Lest. I went for Clorica because she's beautiful and sleepy and gentle and indecisive and reasonably proud. During her marriage event, I fell in love with her all over again, so to speak. If I do another male playthrough, I'll probably go for Forte or Meg. As a joke, I also dated Amber and made her call me master. S Then I reloaded my save from before and swept that little affair under the rug.

I wasn't dating anyone so why won't she accept me? I married Doug and he's the hardest bachelor to try and settle down with because of his roles in the arcs so you definitely have a chance. As long as you're always adventuring together every day you'll get there.