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My Boyfriend Is 14 Years Younger Than Me

Dating an older than me, but if he's plus years older than me. We're supposed to be an enlightened, open contemporary society but sometimes it's like we're a bunch of sniffy Victorian aunts, smelling of mothballs, armed with iPhones.

My partner is 20 years younger than me ... but why do people care?

They haven't made any comment on the "relationship" so who knows if it's real or not, but that hasn't stopped the negative commentary. Apart from the obvious thought that if no-one wants to say it, then don't say it, the disapproval is thicker than a tub of French anti-ageing night cream. But something about it feels expected.

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She is thinner and happier. She is carefree and fun. She can play and laugh. There's no public confirmation of a relationship at all, yet Yarbrough is already publicly vilified for reminding Australian women, presumably just those older than her, of "what they are not". And I didn't know playing and laughing was only for women under I still manage it.

I ended a long friendship with a married mate who asked me, by email, if my partner had any friends who might want to "hook up". I realised he saw younger women as a bunch of sex-mad libertines in lipstick and heels, looking for a sugar daddy to entertain. I had one, so could I get him one too? I told him she didn't know any hookers he didn't have to pay and he was quite offended. My partner has also lost contact with a friend, who told her at a school reunion that to be with a man of my age was "disgusting" and wouldn't be convinced otherwise. She'd never met me.

At a year reunion of a mag where I used to work, talk with former colleagues, now mainly middle-aged women, turned to relationships. Ive lost my mind. I have a successful business and about to start another one and three teenage kids. What should I do!? I am 47 years old and have dated several younger men over the last few eyars, men in their 20s. I am currently in a relationship with a man that is 25 years younger than me. He pursued and continues to pursue me.

His name is Justin. He is a very straight up, honest type of person. We went on 10 dates before things went beyond kissing. He is very respectful of me and from what I can see of his interaction with women generally, very respecful of women period.

For the record I am very fit and am always mistaken for much younger than my years. But I will say this, my above situation may be the exception, because overall my experience with younger men, that is much younger men has not been very good.

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Generally very flakey, run hot and cold, some are very physically agressive while some take the somewhat more passive approach on it. With the exception of above. Would I recommend the the type of situations I have had age gap wise, over all no. Stay at 10 years or so as the max age gap for younger man older woman situation.

Any piece of advice??? Thanks for sharing your experiences, Tammy. And those exceptions do happen.

From my experience being However, sometimes people go against what is right or with the grain and do what they want regardless but hey…. So I was looking up this younger man topic and income across this link. I really liked what I read, even the comments. I fought n fought just to get his attention, to get him to love me even remotely near the way I love him. Anyway, I met someone and …….. I can not get this kid out of my head.

But Question is, how bad is this? Should I not even bother? Please let me know this is not so bad. Some advice here please.

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I think that if there is a genuine attraction age should not matter, but I also think we need to be realistic. Whats ure situation now. I recently broke up with a serious boyfriend of mine who is 22 nd im Because we dont have a future together! I only attract younger men as well. I am involved with a man who is 15yrs younger than I. We both work, share a home, work out together and have lots of fun. We have been together going on 2 years and moved to GA together. So I feel like it does depend on the 2 people.

I love our relationship. There are things we both had to learn, for him the ways of an older women and for me being able to deal with a younger man. He has been there though some real rough times for me lost of my son and brother so I give him the utmost respect. I just hope I am not wasting my time because I do want to marry him but we have not discussed this matter yet.

But I do believe it can work between an older women and younger man. You do whats in your heart. How much more worst can it be.. Younger men are more open and would love the attention, cause mine does. And I recieve the same attention. Its your life not theirs.