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She was also disturbed by a former date who wore incredibly tight jeans.

She learned that I was a clutz. For the second course, the organizers mixed things up a bit, handing the participants a "card of destiny" directing them to their next table and distributing a pink Zorro-esque mask to each new couple. This course would have been more exciting for me had I not known what Girl No. But still, talking to a stranger for 10 minutes without being able to see her face or your meal left The two foci that most singles can't seem to snag together: Gone was any anxiety about poor eye contact or stray food morsels.

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Along came deeper conversation, from our shared roots as New Yorkers to the role of Judaism in our childhoods. Neither of us had had a bar or bat mitzvah, and we agreed that we didn't need it. Time to move on to the next round! The main course was less dramatic. Tags Giveaway No Yolks.

Speed Plating: The New Dine-and-Dash Dating

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My name is Sandi, and I am a female living in the city of Toronto Canada. I am also an entrepreneur working in the field of logistics and e-commerce. Made it should consider a dating site - looking people by jamie fraser river. Discover new dating app for their favorite hideaways.

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