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In general Romanian women like to cook, they learn it at home at early ages there will be exceptions, of course , so if they have time, they will cook often. Impress her by learning to cook a Romanian dish, or by teaching her a dish from your own country, and cook it together. Prepare yourself for the possibility of cooking for your — or her — friends, and of hosting dinner parties. Many Romanian women are independent and strong, so you would be tempted to think they could not care less about what their families think of their boyfriend. The Romanian society is centered on the family, and even if a woman seems to be less connected to her family, somewhere deep, they are at the center of her heart.

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So making sure her family likes you is an important stepping point, even if she will not openly admit it. Even if Romanians like and accept very well foreigners in general, some families have a hard time accepting a foreigner in, so Romanian women try to make sure you could fit it, even before things get serious. Even if she will not take you to meet the parents, she will make sure you meet a sibling or a very good friend, quite early on, but probably after the two of you have been dating a bit.

When you go to visit her family for the first time, bring flowers for all the women in the family learn before hand how many they are and what are their ages, so you can buy appropriate flowers. For men her father, brother , usually a nice bottle of wine will do. In many cases the parents might not speak English, so your Romanian language lessons could come in handy.

Show the family you respect their daughter and try to speak about small plans you have together — trips, etc. Speak about your family too, and about your country — her family will want to know what are your roots, what your parents do for a living. There is of course also the case where she has you meeting the family late, or very late into your relationship, and in this case you should try to find out — subtly!

Romanians like to travel and discover new countries, new people. This could include meeting your parents or not, it will be up to you, depending on how young your relationship is, and how she feels about meeting your folks. Romanians are in general very sociable and like to do things; apply that to a woman, and you can figure out the result.

In general, Romanian woman would like their partners to organize various activities for the couple. Propose activities, either for the two of you, or involving your and her friends.

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Try to take her to the restaurant now and then perhaps avoid fast foods if you really want to impress. Traditionally Romanians cook at home and stay at home, so she most likely saw that in her family, and would like to experience something different too, like eating out from time to time. This activity is anyway increasingly popular among the younger generation in Romania, so she will have friends who do it, and will want to do it too. A Romanian woman will be negatively impressed if her date asked her to cover half of the bill. She will expect you to cover the wining and dining budget. If you have money issues and still want to take her out, it is better to be honest about it before going out.

A group meeting involving your friends — possibly of the same nationality as you — and her friends most likely Romanian will be like an enforcement of your relationship on a bigger level, by emphasizing the mix between the two cultures. Plus, she will feel the center of it all, as she will be proud to have put her Romanian friends in contact with your group of foreign friends. Something to do with the many years they were under Communism, where anything foreign was rare and valuable.

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    5 Best Romanian Dating Sites and Apps 2017

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