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Why does it take extremely long for me to find a game in any online game mode? When matchmaking finally finds a game it then takes a very long time for the game to start, sometimes taking up to 5 minutes or more.

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For someone who's time is very limited playing games this is a huge turn off for me when I'm trying to play Halo5. I almost feel like the slow loading has gotten worse. I hope they eventually fix this but who knows the game is getting old now and i doubt really cares.

I honestly wish i could play HaloOnline on my PC. Show More Show Less.

Taking a long time to start after finding a match is because there's open player slots. Sometimes they fill and sometimes they won't. Either way a match won't start until they all fill up. Ever since the May 1st Update: Yeah it took like 10 minutes on average to get into a game when I bothered to play the beta. If you expect nothing you can be happy for everything. I find a game once every 10 minutes at best, so I have no idea what you're talking about. Well I'm not sure how it is so slow for you all but I had a relatively easy time getting into matches the past few days.

Slow Matchmaking

Even at it's slowest point it is still faster than MCC which takes forever and then ends up just being laggy once I get in a game. Trying to play with a party is an absolute nightmare.

Been able to search in to4s on h5 a lot easier than mcc, although people will randomly drop out often. Game is pretty bad so it doesnt really matter either way. Even getting in the same lobby can be a pain, which is made worse by having to reinvite people after most games. GT - vBlite Stream - www.

Halo reports

You think H5 is bad? I think it is the best Halo so far next to Halo 2. The multiplayer is awesome. Feels so much better than Halo 4 did, and I love the thruster pack.

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The only thing I dislike is the BR starts but that can be fixed its only a beta. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device.