This continues until all team members have met. Develop a question like, "What famous person would your like to be for a day? For the next round, have each person tell why she would want to be her person of choice. This activity helps everyone learn more about each other while lowering inhibitions. Chris Joseph writes for websites and online publications, covering business and technology. Skip to main content.

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Team image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia. Worst Job Experience Many people have a work experience they'd like to forget, such as a monotonous job or one that offered miserable working conditions. Talk Show This can be an effective icebreaker for new employees who have just met. Name Meaning This is another pair activity that helps with name recognition and learning more about each other.

Speed Meeting This activity is similar to the concept of speed dating and is designed for all team members to have the opportunity to briefly meet each other. Who Would You Be? References 3 Chart Your Course International: About the Author Chris Joseph writes for websites and online publications, covering business and technology. Accessed 17 January Small Business - Chron. It is great in its simplicity, requires no preparation as such, allows students to learn something about each other and the teacher, and offers a lot or speaking practice.

It has been especially useful with my Spanish-speaking students, who often struggle with question word order in English. It works with groups and individual students. The reason why I like this game is that it does not put anybody on the spot during this first day. As a student, I used to hate it when the teachers asked me to tell the group something about myself. This game allows students to learn some facts about each other without making anybody feel uncomfortable. I have also noticed how this game makes people more eager to share fun facts about themselves, and not just the basics family, job, pets.

Put your name in the middle. In each of the smaller clouds the best number is write a word that somehow describes you: Now, it is time for your students to ask you questions in order to find out what each of the clouds means to you. Once they have finished, ask them to tell you something they remember about you at this point.

Worst Job Experience

Now, give your students a couple of minutes to draw similar graphs about themselves in their notebooks. Ask them to try to remember as much about their partner as possible. After they had finished, elicit at least one piece of information about each student. This game is an absolute ESL classic and I find it particularly useful as an icebreaker. I always play this game together with my students but at the same time I try to keep an ear out for grammar; once again question word order is crucial here.

Team Building & Icebreaker Activities |

The game below has been prepared with intermediate students in mind. Distribute one worksheet per student. They will need pens or pencils. Tell them they need to find other students who can answer YES to the questions. All this icebreaker requires is some imagination, a pen, and some paper. As a teacher, you go first.

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  4. On the board, write 3 sentences about yourself. Two of them should be true, one should be a lie. They should ask me questions trying to catch me lying. I usually make it a competition, with pairs or groups of students writing down 2 questions for each sentence and grilling me. It is then up to them to decide in which case I was lying.

    I usually try to maintain my poker face and give reasonable answers.

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    After the quizzing, I give my students a minute to decide among themselves which sentence they think was a lie, and the winner gets some candy yes, my adult students are absolutely over the moon with some candy on the first day, teenagers slightly harder to please when it comes to the choice of treats…. Here are some examples of questions students could ask me in order to discover the truth: Once the students expose your lie, it is time for them to play the same game among themselves. The Cloud Game turned out to be a really powerful tool and it is also so much fun!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! Brazil is definitely on my list of places to visit! Will definetely use some in my classes which start this Monday!

    Your email address will not be published. Concentric circles conversations This icebreaker works a little bit like a speed-dating session, requires very little preparation from the teacher and ensures a lot of one-to-one talking time for each student.

    Settle and Score: Love Encore Gameplay - Speed Dating Simulator with Love

    Here are some examples I came up with for my intermediate group of 8: Describe your perfect holidays. What is the last film you saw? Would you recommend it? What do you usually do in your free time?

    Team Building & Icebreaker Activities

    What is your best childhood memory? Are you more sociable or shy? Is there anything new you would like to try? Have you visited any nice restaurants or bars lately? Would you be interested in traveling into space? Now, let students introduce their partners to new students: Draw a graph on the board.

    It should look something like this: Is blue your favourite colour? Are you from Brazil? Have you ever been to Brazil? Would you like to travel to Brazil? In my case here is what each cloud stands for: Have you got a pet? Were you born in June? What day were you born on? At the end of the activity, ask students to provide information about each other: So, who was born in June?

    Who has a pet? What pet is it?