Tech Innovate Gadget Mission: Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. These are the victims of the FL yoga shooting. Trump outing our trip made things more dangerous. BuzzFeed reporter talks about explosive Trump story.

Sanders on BuzzFeed News report: Former police officer sentenced in Chicago killing. I almost had a heart attack. Trump pens letter to Pelosi: I'm canceling your trip. Trump sided with Russia on DNC hacks. Former teacher sentenced to 20 years in student's kidnapping.

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Man arrested, intented to attack White House. Major blast in US-patrolled city in Syria. Australian police bust flight attendants for drug smuggling. Passengers from Hudson River crash take flight again. What's next for Brexit. Mueller is not on a witch hunt. In the videos, the man identified with "involuntary celibates" -- otherwise known as "incels" -- and also made derogatory remarks about interracial relationships and appeared resentful toward women who wouldn't date him.

CNN has seen the videos The New York Times reported on, but has not independently verified that the man in the videos is the gunman identified by police. According to police, Scott Paul Beierle, 40, walked into Hot Yoga Tallahassee on Friday evening and opened fire, killing two people and wounding five others before turning the gun on himself. Rodger had wrriten a manifesto in which he lamented his virginity, which he blamed on the "cruelness of women. Beierle said that as an adolescent he could relate to "this endless wasteland that breeds this longing and this frustration," The New York Times reported.

He recounted a string of instances in which he was personally rejected. Ah, I could've ripped her head off. She also volunteered as a literacy teacher, and was apparently considering graduate school and a career in public service down the line. The four other women who were shot, a year-old, two year-olds, and a year old, all survived their injuries. Two remained hospitalized in stable condition as of Saturday night. The other two women, as well the man who was pistol whipped by the gunman, were all treated and released.

Scott Paul Beierle, 40, was a substitute middle school teacher, Florida State University graduate, and Army veteran with a history of harassing young women. Originally from upstate New York, he had been living in Deltona, Florida, some miles away from Tallahassee, where he was staying in a hotel before the shooting.

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Beierle served in the Army from to , according to the Pentagon, and he was stationed for at least some of that time in Germany, according to Facebook posts he made during his service. The police report said that one woman alleged that Beierle had groped her while she was at the soda fountain in a dining hall.

  • What to Know About the Tallahassee Yoga Studio Attack;
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  • Tallahassee yoga studio shooting: Two victims and gunman identified - CNN?
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  • What to Know About the Tallahassee Yoga Studio Shooting?
  • One of the women, Courtnee Connon, spoke to the Associated Press about the incident. She was 18 at the time, and said she was now feeling guilty about not pressing charges — wondering if that might have somehow prevented the attack on Friday. Speaking with the Tallahassee Democrat , Connon elaborated that:. He stuck out like a sore thumb. He was just a very big guy.

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    And it definitely made me feel intimidated. He just seemed really creepy.

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    • Gunman in Florida yoga studio shooting made misogynistic comments on YouTube, NYT reports;
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    • After Beierle grabbed her, he sat down and stared at all the women who walked by him, and Connon reported him after she saw him grab more women:. I think I thought if he got arrested that that would hopefully be enough to stop him from doing something like that again. And honestly, I think the idea of going to court and everything just scared me. Connon, who also said she had been the same yoga studio that Beierle attacked, was not the only person who considered the shooter strange and potentially dangerous.

      Beierle was odd and obnoxious. He appeared friendless — no one ever came to visit him, [Julien] Brown said. He sat around in the living room in his briefs drinking beer, refusing to put on pants even when friends of his roommates came over. Sometimes, he stayed up all night watching TV and laughing loudly at the screen. Other nights, he could be heard screaming in his sleep. Beierle made inappropriate comments when Brown or his other roommate had girlfriends over.

      In , Beierle was charged with trespassing at an FSU dining hall, but was later the beneficiary of some kind of pretrial intervention. The trespassing incident did, however, prompt the university to issue a campus-wide ban for Beierle. The police report said Beierle had sat down next the woman while she was sunbathing on her stomach. He asked her if he could put sunscreen on it. She thanked him but told him no. The suspect then introduced himself and said nice to meet you.

      He then slapped her butt, grabbed it and shook it. The suspect then got up and left the pool area. Those charges were ultimately dropped as well. His LinkedIn page also indicated that he had once worked in Maryland as an English teacher.

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      There is also, so far, no known link between the gunman and his victims or the yoga studio. Why did he come back to Tallahassee and the yoga studio? He certainly felt rejected, betrayed and alone from that sense. In April, a year-old man who identified as an incel and expressed extreme anti-women views online used a rented van to kill ten people in Toronto. Unlike the YouTube videos, his songs on Soundcloud were all uploaded in the last few months.

      In the videos, Mr. Beierle pontificated from a dimly lit bedroom, with an unmade bed and a pile of cardboard boxes in the background. He lamented his inability to connect with other people — from Army comrades who he said would not travel with him while stationed in Europe to women who refused to go out with him.

      His only publicly visible political post on the social media site was a picture of him standing next to a cardboard cutout of former president Ronald Reagan.

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      He was not registered with any political party. Two weeks ago, also in Florida, an obsessed Trump supporter allegedly mailed pipe bombs to Democratic leaders, members of the media, and others that Trump has identified as his enemies. None of the bombs exploded, and the suspected mail-bomber was identified and arrested within a week. That same week, on October 25, a white man attempted to enter the locked door of a black church in Louisville, Kentucky, then shot and killed two black men at a nearby Kroger supermarket.

      That shooting is being prosecuted as a hate crime.