A woman that is into pin ups and bangs, doesn't necesserily want to be treated like a woman of the 50s. I don't think if you found someone on a "vintage" dating site, you would necesserily get along. Most old fashioned women or men don't really consider themselves to be that. I would suggest you use a normal dating site and specify what you are or want in terms of 'old fashioned' or "into vintage style" or "like a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman.

Nov 17, 5. And i tried eharmony once, they told me they couldn't find anyone to match me with. Nov 17, 6. I've never really dated as I seemed to always be in a long-term relationship before I tied the knot. And honestly, with my divorced friends, the prospects seem so bewildering. So I'm sending you good wishes that you find the retro girl of your dreams Nov 17, 7. One of the guys eHarmony set me up with had pictures of himself in chain mail.

And he said he couldn't live without AA.

And he lived in Montana. Not quite what I had in mind. I would try going to swing or other vintage dances to find somebody.

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Nov 17, 8. With online dating you have to be prepared for the possibility that you'll lose a few dollars discovering there is noone on their database that remotely suits you my experience with match. A female friend of mine unsubscribed from a site she was on because - despite her profile clearly stating otherwise - she was flooded with offers of men who were older than her late father.

When she complained about this to the company running the board, they suggested she be "more open minded. Most any retro-styled lady I've ever met would relieve a man of several limbs were he to suggest she adopt the 50s wifey role model. Nov 17, 9. I'm going to throw a couple things out there - and I mean no offense to anyone. I think that finding someone more "vintage minded" starts from within. A large complaint amongst my single friends is that men don't want to date or court anymore. We are completely thrown for a loop when we actually stumble upon someone who does.

This means that I have found it very rare that someone opens my car door, offers to put on my coat, or checks on my comfort while out with the gang. Even the rushing to make things physical too early changes my impression of dating. Kissing on the first date is okay so long as you are comfortable and happy to do so. There is some behavior that never seems particularly agreeable in a first date scenario.

Dating is not fun if either of you: What do you think, dear vintage lovers?

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Is courtship important in the 21st century? Not only can it be jolly good fun — more importantly it might also be an opportunity to forge a beautiful relationship. Magner explains in The Art of Happy Marriage This applies not only in the order of surface attraction or superficial sex appeal, but also in moral and spiritual qualities, personal interests, intellectual and cultural development, religious and social views, and the various sustaining qualities that carry people through periods of difference and difficulty.

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Today, vintage courtship and dating etiquette is less about proprietary and maintaining social expectations and more about how you choose to behave. Like most things vintage, chivalry is not about emulating the exact mentality of these by-gone eras, but more about expressing the sentiment of chivalry. Why not ignite a bit of rustic romance and sizzle into your dating life? And showing mutual respect and consideration.

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Maybe it just needs a revamp. I certainly don't think that I could be married to or date someone who didn't understand, plus quite frankly I find men who dress in a 50's style attractive!!

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I do know of only 1 couple that were 'mixed' that did work out they are happily married to this day but I also know there has been a lot of compromise along the way, I personally don't do well with compromise ;o. Their strange looks at the amount of cuff links I obviously needed, collar pins, tie pins, tailors arm bands, pairs of shoes! The idea of Torquil appearing anywhere in a pair of Nikes, cargo pants and t-shirt with a picture of a monkey on it seriously gives me the giggles.

He dresses quite scruffy, and used to be more gothy, but he understands me and my love of vintage. And he buys me lots of lovely vintage goodies so what more do I need?! I've never dated a 'normal person' though, it would just be too odd for me. And I hate trainers, yuck! But he does dress up for me on the big events, so y'know, it's alright with me that we often look mismatched!

I guess it depends on whether or not you can live the other person's lifestyle choices I had a look at the site and it appears to only have one member so far. I'll keep looking though, its certainly time for me to get back on the market. I think a vintage dating site is an amazing idea!

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I am currently struggling to find someone to share my interests with. For example i went on a night out the weekend with pin curls etc and people looked at me like i had dropped from the sky lol! I love vintage fashion, s! Music, ideals and even my little figaro car which i collect in 3 days and im bursting with excitement I would love to meet someone who i could share my interests with: Oh, a vintage dating website!

I may need to investigate! Recently split after a series of horrendous events, I realised I need someone more like me- not the wannabe chelsea boy that hated my individuality, creativeness and possibly my existence. I love the vintage chap look, a good twiddled 'tache, a trim set of tweeds and a poised arm, ready to link up to.

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If he comes with a dog that just a bonus. I just hope those vintage laddo's out there like the look of me too. Relationship is passion, love and romance with someone. I want a confidence strong man because I am a man. Treat me like a man and I will make you my angle of love.

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