Jun 8, 6, 0 0 41 Portland, OR.

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There's medicine out there that'll take care of the burning. JCX Member Feb 18, Apr 4, 18, 0 0. Oct 14, 18, 0 1, Where I'm from, it means making out on up. It's one of those phrases whose meaning changes depending on who's using it. Nov 3, 12, 0 0 St. Hooking up is more than kissing and less than dating.. So hooking up for me is anywhere in-between makeout session with groping all the way to a F-buddy rendevouz.

Hooking up can also be used to signify the start of a relationship.. Last night I totally hooked up with that Gaffer from the computer lab upstairs next to starbucks We're gonna be goin out on the second date tomomrow Suburban Cowboy Member Feb 18, Jun 2, 8, 0 0.

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Freestyler Member Feb 18, Jun 10, 1, 0 0 33 Auckland, New Zealand. It's definitely more than kissing, but not sex. It's weird, no one I had met until college had ever had the opinion that hooking up was anything less than some form of "sex. AlternativeUlster Absolutely pathetic part deux Feb 18, Dec 10, 10, 0 0 Austin, Texas.

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If you made out with a girl the night before and told someone that you hooked up, everyone is going to imply that you fucked and that would make a fucking liar. Oct 18, 10, 0 0 NJ.

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Until very recently, I thought "hooking up" was synonymous with "meeting up" or "picking up". In hindsight I've made some very awkward statements. Karakand Member Feb 18, Apr 24, 41, 0 1, USA.

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Most people I know use it for simple making out, however. I should probably fraternize with people my own age more. ViperVisor Member Feb 18, Jun 20, 8, 0 I Got The Hook Up. Feb 5, 18, 0 Toothpick Member Feb 18, Sep 1, 0 0 CA. KO Traveling Hobo said:. Dec 6, 23, 0 0 LA, California animalcollective. That depends on what your definition of sex is. Jun 8, 14, 0 0. GodofWine Member Feb 18, May 8, 7, 2 0. When I was in high School 12 years ago, it was just saliva Boogie Member Feb 18, Jun 6, 14, 1 0 34 www.

SpeedingUptoStop will totally Facebook friend you! Feb 24, 31, 0 0 Michigan www. Back in my day, "hook-up" meant merely looking at someone of the opposite sex. And in today's social media-obsessed, oversharing culture, that's not a bad thing. The fact that participants were divided along gender lines when it came to reporting their hook up experiences comes as no surprise.

Holman sees this as a response to the increased pressure on men to exaggerate their level of sexual activity, she wrote. Amanda Hess, writing for GOOD , goes so far as to say that the vagueness of the term could help both men and women dodge the judgments others might make about their sexual behavior:.

Since "hookup" serves as a catch-all for everything from intercourse to passing out while spooning, the term could help mitigate the gender-based social pressures and stigmas attached to sexual relationships In a sexist sexual climate, "we hooked up" could be the great equalizer.

Hookup culture

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. How do you define "hooking up? Amanda Hess, writing for GOOD , goes so far as to say that the vagueness of the term could help both men and women dodge the judgments others might make about their sexual behavior: Ever feel like "hook up" isn't euphemistic enough?