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Login or Sign Up. Today's Posts Member List. Okay I have a millermatic welder and I was told that a miller spoolgun would work with the welder so I bought one and hooked it up and it will not feed wire it acts like it has no power to the spoolgun is the anything i need to make it work.

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Ed Conley Screaming Broccoli, Inc http: I am not sure if this is what I need Pin Module is this the adapter I need to hook a spoolmate up to a millermatic Don't no for sure but according to the chart that's it. Depends a little bit on the spool gun. I have run both the and I now have the 30a. Also had a spoolmatic 1.

Miller Mig - Spoolgun Hookup Chart - BR Welding Supplies Inc.

If you are going to buy one just spend the money for the 30a Here is the Miller spoolgun connection chart. You will need an adapter either way, I also agree with his comments on the Spoolmatic 30A, just eat it and buy one. BTW, they really hold their value, so if you decide to later you can sell it for almost the price of a new one.

None of it will be cheap.

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  • I would get one but I would only use it once a year. I think i confused everyone on the aluminum spool gun question as my brain was in lack of sleep distress at the moment. If i do run a MIG off it, it will be with a feeder. Will this spool gun work? I can get the SPG with 10 0r 16 ft. If i do run a MIG off it, it will be with a feeder Will this spool gun work?

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    Look at what Walker posted, you need that equipment to run a spoolgun, This aint fucking granimals you cant mix and match any cheap shit and expect it to work. You need an adapter, as the Bobcat is a CC power source and a spoolgun runs on CV so the adapter works similar to a voltage sensing feeder and adjusts your wire feed speed. BTW, you still will not get as nice as arc or weld as you will off of a true CV power source, but it will work. Ok so It is apparent I can not make any since in a post with out confusing people.

    Was Not my intention here what so ever! Simply wanted to find out which way was best an the least expense If it were a shop machine in question I likely Not be asking these questions. So in short Shade I really didn't mean to shit in your post toasties so early in the morning. Its not really so much about cost really its the ability to do it just because i can I am gluten free so no post toasties But I was on drinking my Navy coffee, and you don't fuck with a sailors coffee!!!


    Norstar Mig spool gun part N Provides smooth feeding of and series aluminum wire. Spoolmate Spool Gun. Weld both and series aluminum wire with the Spoolmate The clear spool cover provides visibility t Ideal for welding with. Max Spool Size Capacity.

    Miller Spoolmate 100-Series MIG Gun Setup and Demonstration

    Built-in gas valve eliminates the need to purge long gas lines. You need to manually cut the 24V power wires of your mig wire feed motor, and connect to 24v Torch side.

    question on how to hook up a 3035 spoolgun

    More easy if you have an switch to do it. One gas hose for gas. Best used for High welding. One lead for power.