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When i click centre button that usually for intracting it show prom night; what a headache. Please please read all the comments here before you start asking. Some of you ask the same thing. You may solve it by read each of it.

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Last time I had 3 valentine cards but when I repeat the game I only got 2 valentine cards I checked all the buildings and also the episode "I heart you" but still I always get 2 valentine cards I'm in episode "Part'ay" and i have to keep the party under control. There are red stars on the stairs but when i'm in, nothing happen! I'm trying and trying, im so confused. Maybe because i went to my neighboor's garden first?

I am at chloe's store for prom dress i've selected white dress bt I cant read the dialogues in my mobile,now wat shud I do pls pls help. Hi I already finished the game but can't find a way to shut down the computer in computer's room to achieve the Blue Screen achievement. Can you tell me how? With his device, i found it behind the gym. I'm almost done in all. All of my answers end up too as "best" answers but still, I can't reach Level What's another way to achieve the title 'High School Master'? I got so mad I threw my phone at my brother and now I am grounded. This was no help: I cant seem to find the last heart.

I think the problem is on cafeteria, I only found 2 hearts there: I cant get that lightspeed achievement. And ever time someone comes in the between and stops me. I have found all the keys and also located the time capsule.. But there is no visual cue to dig it or get it..

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Is there any cheat so that i can skip this level or anything else..? I also need help with this part, just like one of the people who commented in this post.. I am at the part where you need to get the exam answers for that goth girl to make you a crisage and I dont know where exam answers are? I stuck at the capsule thing! Ive took all 3 others keys except for the key behind the gym The meter turns green but I cant take the key out Theres nothing for me to pick up the last key there I would just like to ask Hi, I'm on this part that I have to choose whether I have to invite chole at the party, shuold I?

Im having trouble with getting the capsule, i found it and the light is going green but i cant see the capsule.. The 3keys and time capsule I have read all of your notes here and still have no clue as to how to pick up the fishing rod. No matter how many times i tap it it doesnt move Kak yg malm prom tu mcm mne???? Ethan suruh saye pilih satu baju Bile saye pilih 1 baju Ethan ckp baju tu x sesuai ngan rambut saye Ethan suruh saye pilih baju lain plak.. Tp bile sye pilih baju lain dan masuk bilik fitting room baju yg same je die pakai Mcm mne nk pkai bju yg lain???

Akak bole tolong x?? Where is the computer room? I went to the main building first floor but I didnt see the computer room I all the time used to read piece of writing in news papers but now as I am a user of net therefore from now I am using net for articles or reviews, thanks to web. Look at my blog post: I have the same problem. I have the three keys already and i went in the middle of gym and classroom building then turned left but nothin. I'm stucked, I can't choose my dress for the prom, when I choose a dress, it doesn't changes.

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. I will certainly be back. Have a look at my web page; brook of ra.

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Im on level 12 and I can't pick up the fishing rod help! Btw where's the window in the room the math paper is in? Clownaround will be released exclusively for purchase via Masterworks - Broadway.

Highschool Hook Up Get Ready For Prom

We only play major-label releases, or artists that are in the top 50 of the Billboard charts, but why don. Here is my blog: Top 20 us Uk music. I'm very into 80s new wave and italo and came across this sample. Watch a few music videos from 80s pop mavens on You - Tube to get inspiration for your outfit. Also visit my weblog Is there some trick in picking a tux or is there a glitch in my system?

It's funny that noone will. Or get it in anyway I'm stuck and to me this is ridiculous. I heard so many things about DR Okaya. I cannot get the fishing rod, why is that? I talked to Sid and Sheena then tried to go grab the rod and it wouldn't let me. Hope you find it. Look Forward to your Response A. Where can I find the Veggies in the Par-tay level? I've for the toothpaste and lemonade and I can't find the veggies. I don't know how to get corsage to help me go to the prom. Can someone help me?


Sheena is not saying anything to help, the map too is not heling, it keeps returning me back to sheena. As soon as you walk in the main building go to the right there is a classroom..

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The door will be locked. You must go to the janitors closet In the gym and grab the fishing pole. Then return to the classroom a tap on the window. And in the party, we have to under control the party, but I don't know how, because when i go to the sign on stairs, nothing happen: Is that because i go to the jack backyard first? Im at the prom part and I forgot wht Sheena said it says to go whers the cars are and I go anf nothing happens. I am on level 6 and im at the par-tay.

How do I take the people under control? Can someone help me. I'm stuck at prom. It wont let me switch out of the pink tie tuxedo when I choose either one and got to locker room it just stays same. How do yu get the key frm the principals office I'm totally stuck help? I'm stuck in the prom task.

I cant grab the fishing pole I cant find all the farmer pics I know its by the main entrance but I cant get it helppp please. IM going to the window Inside the main building it wont do anything.