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It was surreal for me.

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Although Marsh occasionally took a long weekend to tour with Townshend, her work schedule usually forced her to stay in New York. Everything we did was glam and fab — sipping champagne in his hotel suite, attending parties until 4 a.

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After a while you long for the comfort of everyday ordinariness. Eventually they split — amicably. But she has few regrets.

Has anyone ever had a traumatic experience dating a celebrity?

After meeting Marley following one of his concerts, she saw him about a dozen times in the next six months, either visiting him in Jamaica or meeting up with him when he was on the West Coast. People would fawn on him and treat him like he was royalty — and I had trouble with that. The relationship eventually ended when the woman was watching MTV and found out that Marley had gotten his ex-girlfriend, Lorraine Bogle, pregnant. He was at the point in his career where he was becoming very famous, and he was so taken with his celebrity that he was completely noncommittal with everything else in his life — including his relationships.

I wouldn't have a problem dating someone famous but I'm not about to jump through any hoops. Plus it would be more like an ego boost but I would hate to have mediatakeout catch me looking crazy and embarrass the hell out of me on a blog talking bout "who is this broke lookin chick walking with Common uh uh" LOL…. I actually let my "like interest" go after he crossed, even though we knew and liked each other waaay prior.

I wouldn't say I was insecure, but more so realistic and understanding. He did his thing and I did mine. I say no to frat guys and athletes. We're still friends and still have feelings for each other, but now he's got a whole other set of baggage.

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I actually had a paparazzi experience during my trip overseas…it gets highly annoying to be treated like a zoo animal or circus act. I just wanna be successful, but definitely not famous. So wait…U say no to someone who is in a community-service organization and plays sports? I would say you should call it what it is- insecure. If someone really likes you, they will make adjustments to their lifestyle to make you feel comfortable. Why would you just "write-off" a person because they have "instant attention and groupies" …. Did you ever consider that they wouln't prefer someone who was out of the spotlight?

Neos fresh off the sands are like Atilla the Hun an em.. I'm gonna co-sign this cause.. You bring an excellent twist to the table Sir Streetz. I forgot I used to be "one of those". In college, I was Greek and an Athlete. Things were so easy then. No wonder anybody I considering a relationship with was weary of me. At the time I didn't get it, but it makes sense now.

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Honestly depending on who you are, being on a team or in a frat is similar to being a celeb. Its a microcosm actually. Its worse when you factor in 21st century technology. Honestly, women should gauge their celebrity factor by the frat factor. If you couldnt date the most popular frat dude due to his spotlight, rumors, groupies, clout, etc etc than you definitely can't be with someone more high profile.

My sister dated a former player of the Cincinnati Bengals football and her husband still hasn't gotten over it. Everytime they argue, the topic comes up. I wish he would stop bringing it up. My sister did dump the guy. She wasn't a big fan of the lifestyle he was living and his baby mama was… psycho. It has it's pro's and con's like everything else. I'd rather date someone in the limelight or someone who is just starting out.

I wouldn't feel at home in a ginormous house, riding in expensive cars or eating at gourmet restaurants. It's something you have to grow into. I'm the kind of girl that needs love and attention. Great point mentioned that I want to highlight- dating a celeb. The public eye, groupies, gossip, insecurities of suspected cheating.. I have experience on both fronts. At the end of the day, you have to decide if what you have with that person is REAL and worth the challenges.

I feel Slim's POV. I wouldn't want ppl tryin to read the tea leaves in my celeb relationship.

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Gettin at someone in a post-celeb relationship? Especially if I don't ask and it comes up they were involved with a celeb. Oh, well, I'm already getting practice by e-dating an inevitable celeb, CheeKZ. It's all gravy so far. I might even get e-famous when we make our e-chextape. Which will only lead me to a reality show on a second-rate cable network. In all seriousness, it depends on the celebrity. And, I also think they would have to be really worth it in all ways.

I'd even argue that I'd hold them to a higher standard because of the stuff I'd have to likely deal with. How do you hold them to a higher standard once you're in a relationship with them? Or do you mean beforehand? You gotta make all sorts of concessions before you even start dating them. Well I guess I meant the process in between casually dating and in an actual committed relationship. Before I cross that threshold, I'd probably let some mess go with a regular dude and not so much with a celeb because of the other ish I have to deal with.

Like I said, they gotta be worth it.

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Would I date a celebrity? Probably not on purpose. I was always the girl who kept her business at home so actively dating and pursuing a celeb would be out of character for me. I never wanted "that guy. Would I date someone who used to date a celeb? Off the jump if the relationship just, just ended , I dunno. Otherwise I don't see why not.

Judging from the path he chose to take as well as his current situation I know I made the right decision; which had nothing to do with insecurity. I'm not saying frat guys after college, but during and especially the neo phase is a no no for me…streetalkz is correct. I think he actually made San Diego's roster but then hurt his knee or something. But I just can't be caught up with anyone that has aspirations of living a celebrity lifestyle or has an expectation of living like a real housewife of atl.

And it may be a bit narrow minded of me, but if you dated a celeb or two, there's no way you can expect me to believe that you don't thirst after that. And to be truthful, it's also an ego thing having to think about your current boo being wined, dined then putting the spit shine to someone that's famous.