1. Gun of the Week #4: Iver Johnson Safety Hammer Automatic Double Action Revolver?
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  5. Need Info on Iver Johnson Hammerless Revolver?
  6. Date my Iver Johnson breaktop revolver?
  7. Dating an Iver Johnson top break. Got a Goforth's book??

Do you know if: Richard, no disrespect meant - but I am neither a Cabela's sales rep trying to sell something, nor a Ten-X ammunition company rep, empowered to speak for them. IMHO, since the box isn't marked as being loaded with blackpowder, I would assume a smokeless powder was used - and as I posted above - ANY smokeless load, strong or weak, has diferent pressure characteristics than blacpowder. You want to fire new ammo in an old gun. It's your gun, and your health - but you might want to talk to the horse's mouth first, and speak with Ten-X.

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December 14, , I have a bunch of 'em and have owned a bunch more. New ammo works just fine. If the gun is sound, it shouldn't be harmed by new. Simple, easy and works perfectly every time. I'll be loading up new cases with these lead round balls While it's no cannon, it's better than a. December 15, , The "N" prefix Iver Johnson Safety Hammer guns date from , and would have been made for smokeless powder.

If faced with the need to use the gun, a broken hand spring could spoil your whole day. I'll stick to my Model 19, Model 36 or my new , thank you. January 9, , Thanks in advance for the info. I know these are not valuable guns, but can anyone help me determine the year of mfg. Thanks much Pistol 1: D 1 or 7 XX serial No. D XX serial No.

Or, in the alternative. January 3, , Just found this forum. Wow there's a lot of neat stuff in here. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on this site! Need help identifying manufacture date for an Iver Johnson 5-shot. USA; bottom of grip reads - Pat'd Apr. Most of these features are identifiable to particular models listed around the web, except two - I can't find anything about a model with the Mar.

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  • Iver Johnson?
  • Can anyone help me determine the manufacture date of this pistol? If I understand the tables in the late Bill Goforth's book, that gun was made in There were two relevant patents issued on March 13, The first was , to Iver Johnson and Andrew Fyrberg for the barrel latch on the revolver frame rather than on the top strap.

    Iver Johnson - Wikipedia

    The second, , was to the same people, and was for a second or safety trigger behind the trigger guard which had to be pulled upward to allow the primary trigger to move. AFAIK, your gun has neither feature; it was common at one time for companies not just gun companies to "pile on" patent dates to impress the buyer and discourage imitators, so many products show patents that were not used on that item or not even used at all. January 4, , The political push for gun control law was highlighted by crime stories related to so-called Saturday night specials.

    These were low cost revolvers supposedly purchased for criminal intent. Iver Johnson and other low cost revolvers rec'd much bad publicity at the time. February 4, , I'm new to the form, so may have posted in the wrong spot about my old IJ.

    I am searching to find the mfg date to be sure what kind of ammo to use. Here is the info I have: Grip has ""IJ"" monogram with Owls Head facing grip.

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    A Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. August 7, , Looks like everyone gave up on this old thread I stumbled upon a 3rd revision Iver Johnson 38SW 5" blued the other day and just had to bring it home. Stopped by a gun shop on the way home and bought rounds of PPU 38SW Now to order dies and a bullet mold so I can do some reloads once I fire off these rounds. I guess my collecting has progressed a lot since my posting BTW Now that's a cool collection I am now looking for a target grip for my IJ 38 if you know where I could find one I will upload a pic of it after breakfast later this morning.

    I don't have any extra target grips August 8, , I lightened up the OP's pic. I have a number of Iver Johnson break tops. I collected them because my grandfather had one in the Alaskan Gold rush, and it is the only gun he brought back. I have fixed a lot of them. Most common is the trigger spring breaks. Back in the s pawn shops had so many the stored a stack of them strung on a wire through the trigger guard.

    The gun buy back programs have wiped out the glut. Generally they are not worth much for collecting and not worth much for functionality. You have to want to fool around with them. Any rust or scratching problems? I am having a really hard time dating it. It's plastic owl grip, hammerless, no safety, Nickle plate, 3 large pins and one small pin on lower, 3. I was told it's a. Aug 19, 2. Aug 19, 3. I have researched like crazy and from what I've found.

    It all points away from being black powder. That's the issue I'm having.


    Black powder top breaks don't have coil spring, owls head isn't straight, and the cylinder is a smokeless cylinder. I understand how the cylinder and grips could have been switched, but the cylinder fits nicely no wiggle and spins easy and the coil spring. Aug 19, 4. I dated one on this site and some members helped with posting info from the Goforth book. It is apparently the definitive source.

    I am in search of a firing pin nut and some dies to load some weak trail boss plinkers.

    Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Revolver 32 S&W--Shooting Review