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When you ask a scammer to authenticate their identity with a Video Call on Skype they will claim that their device doesn't have a video camera. This is a lie because all new SmartPhones and Laptop computer have had built in web cams for a very long time. I joined just over 2 months ago. I liked to play pets and it was fun for a short time. Tagged has many millions of profiles. The problem is that most of them are fake and made by the pro pet players.

Some have thousands of accounts. This site should be investigated and I am going to do my best to make sure that it is. Most of the pet players are scammers and will get to know you until you have faith in them and can trust them. Don't ever 'Flip' with an owner, you will lose all of you hard earned cash and there is no way of getting it back. Please players, take my advice. Always check the players history, that is very important.

Some pets lay 'dead' for years and all of a sudden they come alive, buy pets for a week or so and then they lay their bait, waiting for the one pet player who has lots of cash. Don't bother to go on tagged.

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I would not recommend this online dating that matter you better off meeting people in real life. The live is great entertainment and a great way to meet people no catfishing once you go live and the gifts are awesome. The scammers, which are most of them, are situated in the African countries. They use photos of models they stole from the internet, and even videos, to make it look like they're talking to you.

How to get girls online-using tagged and skout

They always say they are borrowing a webcam, so they don't repeat the process. They often claim to be in a European country, but make up some excuse to be in Africa. It doesn't take long for them to claim they're in love with you, and in their description, claim to be against racism. It doesn't take long before they start asking you for money for different reasons, don't give any, they always want it sent by Western Union, so they can claim it by fake ID.

Some will claim they have inherited gold, and offer you half, if you pay them the death duty money, to release it. They even provide you with a couple of pictures of the gold, even though they're both clearly different. You even get an English speaking African phoning you , claiming to be the client's solicitor. They often provide videos, and photos of the fake person wit fake person, with little or no clothes on. The funny thing is the photos they use are often repeated, but using different names.

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I never came across on genuine person, and every single female or claimed to be female wanted money. When talking to a European one on SKYPE, say to them, "why does my browser say you're on the African continent", they often quickly vanish.

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  • Don't bother at all with this site, many lonely men have been fleeced for extremely large amounts. This was what I was told after trying to get the problem sorted after ringing 4 or 5 times. This company are crooked rip off merchant's. Don't waste your time with this site. I signed up on tagged in That time I was so excited to be able to chat with so many descent people around the world. But for last four year, this app has gone down so far that you can't even sign out unless you use internet explorer or any Java based browser.

    This is signout issue is going on for a year now. What makes me mad is that I can not find any of my conversations with friends beyond 3 months. I tried to look through meet me list and the list ends even before a year.

    What is Tagged.com?

    So, all my friends that I had for so many years are gone. This might be to do with storage limitation but unexceptionable. For so many years, they let this site go down but they never tried to improve it even a bit. So many complaints but they don't care. In , it was 1 of my fav sites to go to in High School. An extremely fun site. Sadly for the past few years, it's been taken over by thots, bots, liars. Even the site charges for extras which aren't even worth it n e more. I also tried opening two cases but haven't received a reply.

    Not even from their automatic system.

    Tagged Headquarters

    It seems like they're just trying to soak up money from top players and then deleting them once they got enough cash, hoping they'll make a new account and come back again to spend MORE money. They will delete you without warning and won't respond to your messages. I reviewed TOS, but nothing I did violated the terms. I opened five separate cases to have my account reinstated. Never received a reply. I've advised other friends and they are now leaving Tagged and Hi5 before they are unjustly deleted.

    I have been a member since Jan , it took me this long to get my VIP status, in gold, love cash friends and maybe 50 pets and 1,,, in cash not to mintion my value ahd gone over 1,,,, and then tagged use an excuse that I was hacked and closed my account, when I tried to recover my stuff that I worked so hard for and money spent to get my stause they tell me I have to pay to get it back, don't understand why I should have to pay to get my stuff put in my new account since it was their fault that I was shut down, yes in my opnon that TAGGED IS A SUPER RIP OFF, should be shut down.

    This site so bad, joined to find friends, most pages there seem to be from fake people, from their photos, and they just seem to be after your money.

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    Maybe they losing out too much to facebook. Why would pay to message someone fake. Plus seems anything you want to do you have to pay for. This site is a complete joke Full of fake profiles with copied images of porn models and other celebs Report the person as a scammer and tagged will delete your profile They don't care about anyone Just the money they make So many genuine members have complained in the past but it has no affect on how the site is run Tagged seem to allow half naked photo's of pornstars But when you complain they shut down your profile This site is nothing but a scam and needs to be investigated This site is nothing but a bunch of desperate homewrecking hoes with no morals..

    What decent woman flirts with or hooks up with a guy that's has "in a relationship", "married" or even "complicated" on his profile? I have an old account. Now, I just paid VIP to be able to send msgs to the fake? In Ireland, the userbase appears to be mostly men in their early to late twenties, with a strong showing in the thirties and forties.

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    They launched a mobile site in which offered location-based, real-time chat for users. Their iPhone app was launched in with the Android app being launched in March Tinder launched in and by , had registered one billion swipes per day. Tagged featured on a number of 'fastest growing companies' lists before It has not appeared since. Tagged is not to be confusing with iTagged which is an augmented reality app allowing users to broadcast and discover updates tagged to a specific location and has no dating element.

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