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In college, dating was pretty much nonexistent. I was such a little fundamentalist. Grad school was also pretty slow, to be honest. Young male ministers have a lot of pressure on them to marry ASAP.

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Still, I was in my 30s before I had my first real relationship, which lasted about a year. In the three years after that relationship ended and the next one began, I probably went on 10 dates with two guys. I only became part of the church in my late 30s. I was married for 28 years, but since getting divorced, I have reaffirmed my basic poly nature. Like most millennials, I primarily date using apps. I like craft beer, going clubbing, traveling. I would never put my job title on a dating profile.

The bottom line is that I want people to get to know me. My title comes with a slew of assumptions that may or may not be true about me: I have met a number of my loves online. Do you remember what it was like to make out in high school?

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My profile on OKC is detailed and makes it clear I work for a church, that I am not interested in hookups, and that I am poly and already in multiple relationships. I have people, including fellow ministerial staff members, suggesting people for me to date a few times a month at least. However, I can say that I have never taken the advice from someone in my congregation on who I should date. People in my congregation have tried to set me up, but my rule is generally to decline.

The person I was involved with would come to know personal details about me. Would the senior usher board know all my business? But not only that, I think there is an expectation, especially for black women, that if you find a man who is respectful, has a good head on his shoulders and a decent job, you latch on to him. I think in our day and age, the idea of having a partner be actively involved in my work sounds absolutely ridiculous and unhealthy, at least for me. I want to be with someone who is fulfilling their dreams and callings in their own, different world, and be able to cheer them on in their world while they cheer me on in mine.

What I am looking for is a partner who respects my work, who is spiritually inclined and agrees on my general values and worldview, but is happy to support me in my profession from a distance in the same way that I support them in their profession. Everyone I date is mostly atheist or agnostic, actually.

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When I was married, my wife was not involved in the congregations where I served as pastor. I am pretty open with this question in front of my congregation: I believe for some people, waiting for marriage before having sex can be a very healthy path.

20 Confessions of a Minister's Wife

My current view on premarital sex represents a tremendous evolution from my fundamentalist beginnings. This will be my first time dating without an intentional commitment to abstinence, so I have to see how it goes. I think a lot of people lead with sex and never do the hard work of intimacy. I want someone who wants to get to know me, not just my body; someone who is willing to invest in me because he recognizes my value beyond sex. But if we are willing to do the spiritual and emotional work of intimacy, should we deny ourselves the joy of physical intimacy?

I believe sex is a gift from the Divine for our sustenance and continued thriving as human beings. One of the worst things the Church has done is take God and the Divine out of the bedroom and shame people for their desires and practices. I have lived monogamously, and that was no different ethically for me than living with multiple lovers; it was what the agreed-to and defined boundaries were at the time.

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Most of the single clergy I know have sex, even when the rules of their denomination prohibit it. It simply is an outdated and silly expectation, in my opinion. Like anything else, sex can be manipulative, unhealthy or used as a power differential.

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  4. Sex, or even dating without sex with a congregant is never OK because of the power differential. It just got pushed up.


    Reported hate crimes against sexual minorities sees spike in Canada. An Edmonton woman barred from kissing a woman at Jack White concert. Now, the singer has responded. On Wednesday morning, the minister shared news of the nuptials in the most modern way possible — by changing his Facebook status and kicking off a trending hashtag loveislove that took the province by storm, a speed that the two have learned to embrace in recent months. And in the last year, the bureau also found that police-reported hate crimes in the country spiked in , jumping 42 per cent from the year before.

    Closer to home, Alberta saw a jump from to incidents. Miranda, a Jewish Nicaraguan refugee who came to Canada in , admits that the country has come a long way in accepting and recognizing the rights of kinds of minorities. But on the ground, and from his own experience, minority populations still have a long way to go before they can feel completely comfortable to openly express themselves.

    An incident at a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes in Calgary painted Miranda a picture of just how ugly and loud some of that hate on the street can be. Having some of these counter-narratives, that can help change perceptions.