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Typology - definition of typology by The Free Dictionary https: The study or systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common. Switch to new thesaurus.

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References in periodicals archive? Linguists summarize the current knowledge about the very diverse and highly endangered languages, language families, and linguistic typology of the New Guinea area. Detailed briefing followed with discussions were undertaken upon issues, typology and causes of extremism peculiar to each region.

Committee reviews roadmap on counter extremism. The OECD has created a typology to define rural spaces. In United States, the common practice is a two-part name, the first part being an arbitrary geographic reference and the second part providing a brief description of the pottery's most obvious design attributes. Thus, for example, the type "Flagstaff Black-on-white" was first defined using a collection from the vicinity of Flagstaff, Arizona, and its primary design attribute is the use of black paint on a white background.

Non-archaeologists should be aware of the limitations of ceramic typology.

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All such typologies are abstractions, and fail to describe all of the variability in an artistic tradition. Professional disagreement over specifics is common. Changes in ceramic design did not happen overnight, and archaeological typologies tend to break continua of design evolution into arbitrary but highly useful units.

Most archaeological dates are approximate. In the middle of the twentieth century, German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher [13] raised typology to an art form by photographing countless similar architectural features including water towers, workers' houses and industrial landscapes.

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They documented their work in books. One class of typology consists of a descriptive or a morphological approach. It is based on the physical characteristics and the external features of an artifact. Some examples of morphological and descriptive typologies would be categorizing artifacts distinctively on their weight, height, color, material, or whichever class the individual decides upon.

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So, the projectile points could be sorted by weight, height, color, material, or however the archaeologists prefers. One of the first national typology bases available on the web, The Projectile Points Typology Database , exhibits how the arrowhead artifacts found are classified among the fifty states by region, state, or nationwide. In this particular example, the arrowheads are classified by their shape. The categories consist of: Each category may also be narrowed down into subsequent ones. This type consists of sequential ordering of archaeological artifacts merely based on form. Artifacts organized into this kind of typology are sorted by the use they serve rather than the looks they have or the chronological sequence they possess.

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