Effectively, these switches share an "in" but have separate "outs". At the ceiling box, the white goes to white, the black goes to the wire for either fan or light, and the red goes to the other. The fan wire colors may vary, but the instructions should indicate which is which. You make no mention of green or bare wire ground. In a modern, properly wired system, there also should be these, both from each cable and at the fan.

Ground wires are connected together and to the base of devices, switches and metal boxes or fixtures. If they are present, connect them. If they are not, you have an ungrounded system that poses a bit of risk if a device is damaged or shorts out. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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I also want to replace the single switch to double switches so I can control the fan and the light separately Here is what I see when I open up the switch box with the single pole switch: Essentially, all the blacks are connected together, and the whites are connected together. I'd like to use this switch How I do wire the above switch? Tester k 54 Trewq Trewq 1 1 3. Oh, and just off hand, unless you run an extra cable from the light switch to the ceiling fan, you won't be able to do it.

There needs to be enough cabling to wire two independent circuits. Unless it was planned out and two wires run from the junction box to the ceiling, you would need to add that in. Many fans sold today have remote controls for fan and light functions, you only need to supply unswitched power to the fan.

With some fans, a wall switch controlled light is not even a possibility. Find out what options your fan of choice offers before altering your house wiring. You can never be too careful when working with electricity. Unscrew the old switch and pull it off the wall. Remove both screws and set them aside for later. Pull off the fixture gingerly, removing it from the small switch box embedded in the wall.

How to Install a Double Switch Light

There should be three or four wires attached to screws on the switch, though they are usually not labeled. You will need to find out which wire is which through some simple tests later on. The feed is a hot wire, meaning it is always running with electricity. This wire sends electricity to the switch, which then controls whether or not to send electricity to the light, fan, etc. They are often, but not always, red or black, and on the side with a small metal tab, or fin. There will be two neutral wires connecting to your two appliances, and each one will correspond to a switch on your double-switch when you are done.

They are often, but not always, white. The grounding wire, which is often green, yellow, or bare copper, and is attached to a green screw, helps to protect the switch and your house from an electrical short. Because it was not legally required in all houses for a period of time, some switches may not have grounding wires. Take a picture of the current fixture for future reference. If you're not an experienced electrician, take a quick picture of the fixture to determine how the wires are placed.

You could also draw a simple diagram. Note each wire and the location it is attached. Unscrew and detach all of the wires from the old switch. The wires are held in place by screws, often called "terminals. To remove the wires, unscrew the screws and pull the wire off of the body of the screw. If you can keep the wire bent into its current shape it may be easier to attach later.

You should have 3 or 4 exposed wires coming out of the switch box.

Pole Switches

Carefully note and separate any conjoined wires. This is likely how two lights or appliances have been run to the same switch.

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One of the wires, for example, might be for your fan, and the other for the light. These two conjoined wires are wrapped or joined at the terminal, and wrapped around the same screw.

How to Install a Double Switch Light | www.mfarrow.com

They are likely your two feed wires, and will need to be installed on separate terminals later on. Ensure that none of the wires are touching metal.

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You're going to need to test the wires now, and if they are touching the metal switch box or the walls you could cause a short. Let the wires dangle out into open air.

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You're going to have to turn the power on to test which are the feed wires if you're unsure. Turn the power back on to find the feed wire if you don't already know which one it is. If your wires are not labeled, you'll need to find out which wire is feeding electricity to your switch. Remember, however, that the hot wire is usually black or red, where the neutral wires are usually white. To figure out which is which without colors, turn the power back on at your location.

Using a voltage detector, touch the end of each wire. The only one that will light up is the feed wire, because it is currently hot with electricity. Turn off the power before marking this wire. Only touch them with your voltage detector and be sure to wear insulated gloves while working.

Determine which side of the switch is for feed wires and which is for neutral wires. There is a metal, rectangular tab on most double switches that indicates which side is for feed wires. This is where you need to connect your appliances. The other side is for the feed wire and gives the switch power. Frequently, the feed wire terminals screws are black or silver. The neutral side terminals are usually copper. The green screw is for the grounding wire.

How to Wire a Double Switch - 2 Single Pole Switches

Bend the end of the wires into a curve and hook them under the screws. You want the wire bent in a clockwise direction. This allows it to turn with the screw as you tighten the screw down. It does not matter which wires you attach first, but it is not a bad idea to start with the ground wire.

Make sure you remember to attach the grounding wire. Screw the terminals down on the wire so that they do not move. You want the wire to fit snugly under the terminal so that has a good, solid connection. Tighten each screw down so that the wires cannot move. Turn the power back on to test the connections. With both switches in the "off" position, turn the power back on and check each switch individually.

They should immediately power up the attached appliances. Turn the power off again and cover all the terminals with electrical tape. Wrap a piece of electrical tape around all the terminals, protecting them from potential shorts. Screw in the new light fixture. With the power still off, place the fixture back on the wall and screw it in with the provided screws. Turn the power back on and celebrate -- you have a new double switch. Using a power drill, make holes where you marked and drill the holes, screwing the light fixture into these holes.