Especially you conscious minded folks out there. Brandon Hines is a slept on artist. Check him out at his website and on youtube. Cee-Lo Green is another artist I follow. His creativity is like none other. Your love, your love is amazing. One touch takes me a thousand places….

Van Hunt makes me smile. I thought of a couple of other songs from his first album, but they have a slight depressing undertone. But this one finishes off this post perfectly. I hope you have a positive, relaxing, and satisfying weekend! Join me in my mushy daydreaming fest. Will you leave Samsara? Erykah Badu keeps me on my groove thang. Really, I could just make this whole post about Janelle and Erykah, who are performing tonight in Memphis and I so wish I would be there. She will always and forever make my Mushy Moments playlist.

My arms brag to each other about how you feel—from conversations, I know what they feel is real…. This is one of my fave Algebra songs. It just put words and a melody to some special feelings. I think 5 is a good number. Music is so good for the soul. One more day till the weekend, my friends!

Keep the positive vibes going! So I said all that to introduce an interesting Twitter convo that made me say hmmm. Powerful men often have a strong desire to control and have egos that are out of this world. NadaJo Ambitious men spend long hours working, Sometimes the expense of marriage. JHJeffers so basically we ladies who like pwrful, charismatic, ambitious men need to also pray that he has humility, self-ctrl, and balance.

Yeeeaaaahhhhh, but I would just shoot for 2 out of 3 imjustsaying. Well said RT NadaJo so we ladies who like pwrful, charismatic, ambitious men need to pray he has humility, self-ctrl, and balance. Me knowing this will turn into a blog post, maybe even a series cuz this is getting good! What do u think?

Yes, those characteristics make ppl. I think there is a time and place for anything. Use those same skills to please your man. I can be your woman opinionated and all but still allow you to be the man. The convo is still going on. Can we I have it all? Is it possible to have what we want plus the balance needed to make the relationship last and thrive?

Do we have to choose between the power, charisma, and ambition and the devotion and dedication? Skip to content Today, I read this post , which was a result of a blogger stumbling across this list.

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Live alone , or at least move apartments in NYC without the help of family. The Better Business Bureau lists an high number of complaints against Two of Us, owned by year-old Toros Yetenekian, described by the Daily News as "a former Glendale College basketball star and a civic leader in the local Armenian community.

Two of Us responds that the BBB, which has recently seen pay-to-play allegations , offered to give it a top rating if it would simply pay membership fees to that organization. Or sign in with a social account: Dennis Romero January 24, 9: If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. They may look nothing like what you asked for.

Needless to say I went on a few dates, I was nice, but the chemistry wasn't there.

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Then I called a couple girls and either got no return call or they acted like it creeped them out or I was bothering them. Therefore I can absolutely say it was a waste of money and I feel cheated. I asked for a refund after 2 dates, 2 rejections, and 2 setups that I didn't persue and they said they don't give refunds and they could put me on hold until I was ready. And oh by the way, if they don't hear from you for four months your contract is DONE. It's a total SCAM. I'm going to campaign hard against them I too was scammed by Two of us formerly Together The scammer I had met with Pam, manager in Bridgewater, NJ actually played upon my emotions concerning a recent divorce, and I regret to say that she had me in tears.

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You wind up with very few prospective dates that are actually compatible! It is actually just as much a crapshoot as walking in to a bar scene! Contrary to some, I did not have a "cooling off" period in which to cancel, and felt "buyer's remorse" immediately afterward. I spent dollars on 5 introductions after I had talked her down from and am now realizing it wasn't even worth A fool and his money are soon parted.

Better to take an ad in the paper, or deal with the internet sites bull than this. I agree this is a total scam, unfortunately I fell for it as well. It is a crap shoot; the person i met with said she has been doing this for over 10 years, and you would think there would be better matches but definitely no!

I fell for it, too.

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Is there any legal action being taken anywhere? Correction on my earlier email. I am embarrassed to admit that I blew over 5 grand on absolutely nothing. Basically I plunked down 5 grand for filling out a form, going through an interview, getting my info entered into a program, then the program churns, puts out a match, and I get an anonymous email. The first two matches ended up being total flops. Then I have to go back and enter feedback on my own. Think about that for a second. Agreed that who knows how the matching program works. I do some computer programming and I honestly feel with a little research I could develop a process that works better than this and still make a ton of money.

I would also probably give a trial period where you could get a partial refund depending on how much time and effort had been spent. That way no one feels like it was a total loss.

Two Of Us Dating Services - Fraud and cheating, Review | Complaints Board

I understand that they are trying to protect themselves from someone finding someone and they claiming that they did not. Then the scammer would try to get their money back, but damn. I look at the wording in the contract and it seems pretty solid. Currently I know of no legal action but I am thinking of contacting a lawyer.

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Anyone have any ideas? Maybe a website or something? Simply put, I find it rather ridiculous to have such strong opinions and to slam a company because you have "buyer's remorse. I have been happily married for 2 years, even invited the office to my wedding and still continue a relationship with them, receiving anniversary gifts and continual contact to make sure I'm still happily married, to a wonderful man might I add.

Comparing a professional dating service to the bar scene is unfathomable. There is no comparison what-so-ever and continuing that pattern to find love will keep you lonely and susceptible to be scammed date after date after date with incompatible people. Crying about your last divorce sounds like you aren't even ready to TRY!

Or maybe it's because you can't afford it? Because it's not worth having to send in feedback?

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Seriously now, the feedback is to constantly improve future dates. I went through 6 dates before meeting my husband. All the men they set me up with were exactly what I was looking for, but there wasn't any chemistry. Whose fault is that?