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You will have access to the side containing the wires going into your home. Do not attempt to access any hidden wires on the other side they belong to the phone company. You may see a ground wire coming out of the hidden section side of the box. This wire protects your home against lightning strikes, so be sure not to disconnect it. Locate the modular phone plug some know it as an RJ or RJ It looks just like the plug that runs from a common corded phone into a phone jack in your wall.

Once inside the NID, you'll see one or more sets of screw terminals inside. Each will have a short piece of telephone wire coming out of it with a phone connector plug on the end plugged into a corresponding jack. If there's only one line coming into your house, you'll most likely have only one set of screw terminals. To disconnect from the phone company, simply unplug each of the short telephone wires from its corresponding jack.

Make it obvious to others that you've unplugged the wires on purpose and they shouldn't undo your modifications without risking damage to your inside equipment. Start by wrapping the end of each of the telephone wires you just unplugged with electrical tape so it can't be plugged back in without unwrapping the tape. Then, clearly label the inside of the box with a message that says something like: May cause damage to inside equipment! No matter how you choose to label the box, be sure it is obvious, clear, and easy to read.

Once you've clearly labeled the inside of the NID, close and refasten the box. Then, just to be safe, label the outside of the box as well.


To be extra safe, you can also wrap a nylon tie-wrap around the box so it can't be opened without cutting it. Remember, to avoid damage, you want to make it as inconvenient as possible for someone to change what you've done without your knowledge. Confirm the line is disconnected before installing your converter. Go inside your house and pick up a phone plugged into a jack that previously worked. You did good work if the line is now dead. You should hear absolutely nothing.

If the line is not dead, go back and check your work. If your work looks correct and the line's still not dead, it means that voltage is somehow still being carried on the line and it's not safe for you to proceed any further. Consult a professional electrician or telephone technician for help. Installation Be sure to locate your gateway device in an area of your house that gets the best reception. Installation varies slightly for each of these landline-to-cell phone converters.

From my experience, the Dock-N-Talk was very easy to set up following their manual. It took less than 5 minutes to set up the Dock-N-Talk, and another 5 minutes with Tech Support to help me synch the Bluetooth between the Dock-N-Talk and my cell phone. I talked to a real person at 5pm on a weekday, and they answered immediately.

I had also spent about 15 minutes disconnecting the landline from my house following the instructions in Step Four prior to setting up the Dock-N-Talk. Call your home phone number. All the phones in your house should ring. Now pick up any phone in the house and call someone. You should have no problem connecting. Congratulations, you are now free from the landline telephone company and have become an even more profitable customer of your cellular phone company.

Questions And Answers Question 1: Do I have to keep my home phone number? You can get rid of your home phone number and simply use your existing cell phone service. How can I find out more about phone number portability? Do I have to get a new cell phone? You can use your current cell phone as long as it is compatible with the converters. Do I have to keep a cell phone docked to the converter all the time?

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If it were just me, I would only have one cell phone and I would simply dock it whenever I am home. The cell phone has to be docked via a cable or Bluetooth to be able to use your home phones. This frees you from ever having to check the home phone for voicemail messages, and allows you to answer calls to your home when you're away. If I change my home phone number to a cell phone number, won't I use more minutes?

Be sure to select a new cellular plan with enough minutes to meet your needs.

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And when you do, you might as well pick out a new cell phone. You can get good models for free when you agree to keep your cellular service for at least one year. It depends upon your cell phone carrier. You can often get a free phone when you buy a new cell phone. It certainly doesn't need a camera or other features that won't be used.

If you find a phone you like that is no longer available retail, consider buying the older model cell phone on eBay and then get it activated by your cell carrier. Will Bluetooth interfere with my cordless phones or wireless internet service?

VTech Connect to Cell - How to Pair BlueTooth to Cell Phone

It operates at 2. Bluetooth was designed to reduce interference between wireless technologies sharing the 2. This is done by detecting other devices in the spectrum and avoiding the frequencies they are using. That said, you could still get interference with cordless phones and wi-fi running on the 2. To avoid this problem entirely, either connect directly to the converter with a cable rather than Bluetooth or make sure your cordless phones and wireless internet devices run on Mhz, pure 5.

Are you living under a rock? That might work well for many folks, and it is certainly an option. In our area, cellular service is far more reliable than cable service, and it is a lot easier to reach customer service at Verizon Wireless than at our cable company. What is your opinion new cordless phone units for the whole house which also include a docking station which accepts cell service? You are describing a hybrid system, sometimes known as a gateway. It's great for folks that want to dock their cell phone thereby using their cell phone minutes and potentially saving on long distance phone bills without cutting their landline , or who currently have two landlines and want to replace one with their cell phone, and still use all of their phones in the house.

If you are looking for a cordless phone set for the home with cell phone docking capability, consider highly rated phones such as the Panasonic DECT 6. Above Right, comes with a base station and up to 4 additional handsets. This is also a great option if you have spotty cell service around your home. Dock your cell phone in the area of your house with the best reception and use these phones throughout your house!

Chose one or the other. The Bluetooth will work up to 30 feet away. PhoneLynx is the newest landline bridge it was introduced in It's an overseas design. PhoneLynx only connects to your landline phone. It does not connect to your home's phone wiring. Reliability is a known issue, but it's also the lowest priced docking station reviewed here and Cobra's customer service is reportedly good. Cobra PhoneLynx is available on Amazon and eBay.

The Family Phone. Reborn

Siemens has since discontinued the device and dropped all support. The unit physically acts as a cradle for your cell phone. Their website was abandoned sometime prior to April There is likely no customer support for this device. Wireless Home Phone device required and is sold separately. Wireless Home Phone device has access to phone service over the Rogers wireless network in Canada excludes Extended Coverage areas. Wireless coverage not available in all areas. Refer to wireless coverage map for details.

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Rogers recommends that you always have an alternative means of accessing services from your home or business during a power or network outage. Corded or cordless landline home phone equipment is not included.

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Not compatible with services including but not limited to, wireless messaging and data services, fax service, medical alert systems, medical monitoring systems, credit card machines. Please check with your provider for options. We're sorry, but we're having technical issues. Please check back soon. Rogers is not available at. While this service is offered in your area, it might not be available at your specific address. Shop Wireless Home Phone. We noticed that you're not using the latest version of your browser.

How to disable compatibility view Open Internet Explorer. Click on the Tools menu you may have to press Alt to bring up the menu. If the Compatibility View box is checked, click to remove checkmark. Select Compatibility View Settings.