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Having been to a few myself, I can say that it takes a little while to get comfortable, but once you are in they are a lot of fun. They can take a lot of forms — one party may be a highly structured "speed dating" format, or they can be a more loose "party" where you can mingle with whoever you like. There are also "gokon" events where a roughly even amount of men and women head to an izakaya Japanese-style bar or restaurant and chat in an informal setting.

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EXEO International hosts a variety of parties, so check around the site and sign up for one. So now that you've signed up, here are a few do's for any matchmaking party you attend. So look nice dress up smell nice wear some deodorant! It's simple advice, but you will improve your chances several times over.

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Again, I guarantee nothing, but these are some basic pieces of advice I have picked up over the years and I hope you can put them to good use. Next week we will talk about what NOT to do during a party. Phone Reservations or Inquiries. Being polite is important and in my opinion, pretty obvious behavior if you want to impress a girl, especially in Japan.

Tokyo funds matchmaking parties to boost birth rate

This means being polite not only to a woman that catches your eye, but to people around her — men and women included. Though the percentage of couples who actually get married is decreasing nowadays, the government and other private sectors are helping people in holding marriage events and meeting potential partners.

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This is no ordinary matchmaking event, as participants will be blindfolded while they get to know each other. This will help them find their true match through their inner selves rather than their physical appearance.

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It is literally a blind date. Japan is home to one of the fastest aging societies in the world more elderly, fewer young people to support them and the birth rate in the country has been decreasing for decades.

It is also forecast to lose a third of its population in the next fifty years or so. To help aid its increase, matchmaking parties are funded to remedy the situation. This strategy will help encourage young people to settle down and have a family.

Matchmaking Party Attracts over 10,000 Singles in Shanghai

Nowadays, these kinds of events are increasingly becoming common, especially in the area of Tokyo. It can be very difficult for women who are thirty years old and older to find a partner in Japan. Some parties are organized into coffee and cake events complete with soundtracks of live piano music to make everything look and feel romantic. This is a rare opportunity for them to go out and meet different people.