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I had tried it 2 years ago just briefly and found MANY of the same guys still there. If they were serious about finding someone or any good they'd have been gone. A lot of them just sit and wait for you to pay the stamp - fundamental problem with the system. I had to write RSVP to stop my credit card being charged again as the system doesn't let you let you stop your payment.

Too many scammers - stamps expire so you waste your money. Lots of scammers on this site. I contacted RSVP and asked for a refund for purchase of stamps I used to contact someone who turned out to be a scammer among for money and was refused. The standard reply is that there is nothing wrong with the product I purchased. I disagree when I purchased something to contact someone who's identity was not verified. Therefore, their product is at fault and not fit for the purpose intended.

Also stamps shouldn't have an expiry date My profile was "suspended" without notice after one month and several "stamp" purchases. An exchange of emails as to the reason why - nothing!

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They rsvp even had the audacity to ask for a copy of my driver's licence and passport "to prove who I said I was". I replied "you're joking of course, as if I would send such legal documents to them" rsvp , and in any case, they had accepted my Visa card in payment, so as a "merchant", they would have access to the information required. Turns out that after several complaints to the relevant authorities, the reason given was that "I wouldn't put up a photo for a particular respondent to my profile" so she complained.

I continued my pursuit telling the authorities that "there were plenty of profiles on rsvp without photos, and I'm sure their profiles weren't subject to suspension. The saga continues, but for the record, I wouldn't use rsvp to find a stray dog! Use at your peril. They use your photos years after your membership to scam for new memberships. We are aware of old messages and photo approvals being sent out. Their is a long wait on support. A complete waste of time and money. This site is a complete waste of time and money.

Most of the men on here have been there for EVER!! Some over 12 months. Most of them seem to have either big tickets on themselves or use this site as a bit of an ego trip to reply that they are not interested to anyone who sends them a kiss, if you even get a response at all. I really do not understand where they are coming from, none of them seem to match their profiles, I think they must all think they are still in their 20' or 30's. Don't waste your money to use use this site and if you are vulnerable and sensitive, it can make you quite depressed and you could lose your self worth.

It is not worth it. You are still a valuable human being, don't let this site devalue you in any way. It is just not worth what you pay or the time you invest in it.

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I think it is more valuable to meet potential partners the old fashioned way, social gatherings, learning institutions, church or friends, In my opinion this is just a complete waste of time and money. Unauthorised payments did not approve direct debit.

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I paid once via my credit card for a broke single girlfriend i am married do not require this business whatsoever to use this site for a month. At no time did i authorise ongoning payments to be taken from my credit card EVER!! I have now discovered after checking my online banking statements this mob have taken 3 unauthorised payments for past three months from my credit card.

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  5. Here's how RSVP works!
  6. I am not even a registered member and have no profile! Seems as soon as you provide credit card details you are considered a member?? Wouldnt you need to apply and set up a payment system if you wanted to use their services? I have lodged a transaction dispute with my bank and even if i was to cancel that card, apparently that wont ensure that a company will not automatically transfer direct debit to new card? So beware of this site and its payment set up. Trying to contact them is harder than you expect.

    The number provided does not connect. I am awaiting a reply from my email to them, contemplating going to the ombudsman to inform them of unauthorised activity. Watch this space for updates. Verified Customer Works for me. So far I have many dates over coffee and have not paid a cent for any stamp or membership fees. I have been on it for almost six months but you can take a break anytime to stop the flow and get back to it anytime. The mobile app was very inadequate and hard to navigate.

    The whole experience was very depressing. Compared to other dating sites, this joint sucks. I found the quality of men werent the worst I had ever seen but the deal breaker section and generally their expectations were unrealistic, you were either too short,tall,fat,skinny,ugly,pretty,smart,dumb. I think the only thing that I liked was the profile section. Hey I didnt get that as much of a problem her cause nobody wanted to waste a stamp on you, jeezsh.. In fact its like your punishing people by forcing stamp purchases to actively find a date..

    The photos are hard to view Having used eharmony before , i must admit I found eharmony easier to navigate around. Also I received matches but not sure what these were based on perhaps just location? The quality of people online seemed rather low- there were not many men that captured my eye - the members seem a little bit bogan i might say! The website does not seem very classy.

    Also the website looks pretty mundane and needs a bit of a spark up. I wasn't captured by it. I was a bit hesitateto waste a stamp incase they were wrong people for me. This is the first site that I have been on and I have found it to be quite good. Have had lots of kisses from guys and also lots of emails.

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    I have been matched perfectly with most of them although i have had quite a few younger guys emailing me. It's pretty upsetting that a 38 year old male with 3 kids should have to be alone for the rest of his life, or until the lovely ladies are older to become less image orientated. The messaging reply rating is a positive, but to take it a step further, why not reward people who reply with stamps for replying within 15mins for 20 consecutive messages. How about someone who sends more than 10 consecutive messages and getting a negative responce every time, gets rewarded with 1 stamp?

    I will keep trying, maybe copying the most popular guys profiles may help I don't think so!!! I have been enjoying talking to a few men as this has been my first experience in the dating world. It was alright, but I didn't like the options and mechanisms to meet people. I found it a little cold and impersonal and also didn't really find many people that seemed worthwhile contacting. Karina is a dating and romance consultant and the founder of Datelicious.

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