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But I for one am not someone who makes judgements on someone. Yes, I get it the stereotype of a gang member is well that they are extremely bad and a criminal. But personally, every communication I have ever had with a gang member has been positive. I have never had a bad experience.

Story Time: First Date With A Hood N*gga

So back to the date… I drive up the driveway and well about 3 patch members walked out with him. This driveway did make me second guess myself because well it was long, heaps of bush and well hidden. I locked the doors. We started driving to Kmart whilst having a smoke. Which did actually make me laugh. He had to stand tall and not slouch. We get into Kmart and I go to home goods part. We were getting on well and he had some good chat too. So all in all it was bad. This is where everything changed.

We then go to the check out and I go to pay and this dude has the audacity to ask me if I can buy him a drink. I thought ya know what fuck it.

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So I brought him a drink. We walk back to the car and then go to find the warehouse. As we are there. Sure, enough it was a gang tattoo.

I then realised how far he was into the gang. I asked a few questions about it which he answered. We then proceeded to go to warehouse.

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He them simply decides to open up a packet of chips and eat it. At this point I just walked off. Like imagine if he had got caught. I would most likely get in shit for it even though I had nothing to do with it. We then go to leave because I simply found what I wanted. Yet again I do not share this mind-set.

Anyone who knows me knows I am no racist and I believe everybody should be treated equal no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation. We are simply equal to the next person. We hop in the car and I drive back to a different address. At this point I was actually scared. Just the way he said it. I did for a split-second fear for my safety. He hopped out the car and I locked the doors and drove off.

Any experience with dating gang members?

I called my friend Luna and told her about the date. Do I think he is a bad person? Whatever she needs to do for him, she will do," says Pough, adding, "I think a lot of girls do buy into it. For years, she has seen girls in her neighbourhood play into being a "ride or die" type of chick, says Amanda Cain, the editor of Yo' Mamma , a Toronto magazine for pregnant teens. In a sense, because she used to let her boyfriends use her, she was one, too. That's where you will find them," she says, referring to girls who wait to bail their boyfriends out of jail.

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These guys trust their girlfriends with everything, Cain says. He basically needs to know that you would use that gun. These girls, who are "down for whatever," show their love by doing anything that's asked of them. While it can be seen as a romantic notion to stick by someone's side regardless — it could be argued women have een taught to do so for centuries — with the wrong guy and especially in the street context, it can turn dangerous.

ᐅ What is it like dating a gang member

Morgan says for young women in communities with few support systems, it's ultimately about survival, and many issues — poverty, racism, family issues — have to be seen in context to understand why a young girl puts up with it. Everybody rationalizes his or her way out of the situation.

Or would I rather not tell anyone that he's keeping a gun here and let him see his daddy every day,'" she says. Cain says what's needed is for young women to look within themselves to find the confidence to leave.

Women in love with gangsters

Two years ago after meeting Carlos, who she calls loving and responsible, she felt ready to have a child with him. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: By Simona Siad Living Reporter. Sarah Drayton shudders as she imagines how different her life would have been. This is why dating a guy a little rough around the edges can be intriguing to a young woman. They are "ride or die chicks. And it's still happening with many girls in the GTA.