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Coffee Meets Bagel: How It All Began...

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Coffee Meets Bagel goes anti-Tinder with a redesign focused on profiles, conversations – TechCrunch

The cure for tech addiction is at hand. Special Reports Diverse skills and experience vital. Digital the right medicine for healthy nation. Making the connection for a seamless service experience. Design's influence on luxury. Five signs you may be living with anxiety. SEE: Best free dating apps for hooking up and relationships. Number two is the new year when people seek to create new beginnings.

The numbers seem to support Kang's conclusions. Forty-six percent of 2, surveyed Coffee Meets Bagel singles said they use dating apps more during cuffing season, and 45 percent of surveyed Coffee Meets Bagel singles indicated that finding a new relationship would be a new year's resolution. According to a recent blog post , in , the company found a significant increase in new user signups and overall activity on Dating Sunday.

Coffee Meets Bagel goes anti-Tinder with a redesign focused on profiles, conversations

There was a 75 percent spike in new user signups on Dating Sunday compared to the past 30 days. There was also a 26 percent increase in activity or number of sessions compared to the previous week. Furthermore, daters were 17 percent more likely to match on Dating Sunday, compared to the past 30 days and 16 percent more likely to chat with a match, compared to the previous week.

But are Coffee Meets Bagel users looking for love or lust in the middle of the night? It's just that people are winding down and have more free time [late at night].

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A similar trend is seen for media consumption with more media consumption at night. But the spike in user activity is not just limited to Dating Sunday. Coffee Meets Bagel found that the entire first week of January is the most popular time to sign up for a dating app and that January 2 actually had the highest number of signups for the year, followed closely by Dating Sunday.