Seeing as it is the end of the line for most relationships, as people will be moving away and getting a clean slate, there are minimal consequences to dating someone in high school. You could compare it to the tutorial round in a videogame — you get a hold on the basics and the mechanics, and regardless of whether you pass or fail it, you are not penalized harshly if at all. This, along with the fact that it gives momentary gratification and enjoyment, basically encompass all the merits that high school dating has to offer.

Is it possible to be in a relationship without a car?

Otherwise, it is just a pain in the tuchus for everyone. A lot of people agree that high school dating sucks. A couple weeks back I discussed this same topic with a psychotherapist I know and what he said only validated my thoughts. Senior Rose Feldman is a viola player and art club member who loves to write and draw in her free time.

Dating in high school without a drivers license?

For her AP Composition class, Feldman was assigned to write a column about high school dating, a topic she is passionate about. If you don't have an account with any of these websites, you can comment below with your full name and a valid email address. Transgender Rights are Human Rights. The Shaker Bubble Has Burst.

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I Have No Car to Take Her Out on a Date

Close Modal Window Hang on for a minute Name required Email Address required. Living on the Edge. Vote NO on Issue 7. Originally Posted by Taikun. Originally Posted by SpiderSense. Yes, if you are a girl. Hell, when I was your age I made them give me money for my blow to let other hoes do lines off my cock. Anybody here who dated without a car with sucess, if so, does anyone have tips? Wtf is this crap?

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  • It doesn't matter if you have a car or not man It doesnt really matter mang, ive been going out with my girl for about a year and i dint have a car for half the year of our relationship. It really depends on the girl and what she wants, if she only wants sweaty sex then you need a car, but if its a genuine girl then she wont mind. Believe me, it depends on the girl and if shes into you. He's usually goes to their house and they both takes the bus to the movies or something.

    Originally Posted by moveouttamyway. Originally Posted by Kirra. Much easier in decently large city with good public transit. Only , people with worse-than-nonexistant transit system and the city's spread all out into subdivisions with very few high-rises.

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    Thank christ I've got some wheels. If you think that you are hindered by not having a car, well, guess what, you are. You are creating limitations for yourself, creating limiting beliefs. It's all in your head man. Have fun with your insecurities. Try and go for students Living on campus ftw. Its actually more weird for people to actually have a car at my school. Uni is one of the few places that actually has a bus-taking culture and it is totally socially acceptable.

    But your real problem, as has already been noted, is your insecurity.

    Is it possible to be in a relationship without a car? - Forums

    Screw if you have a car, a house or even a job. The fact that you have waited a year to even try and talk to this girl means you are insecure on a way deeper level. What do any of those things about you matter if you don't even talk to her? You are using them as an excuse not to talk to this girl and on a bigger scale an excuse not to talk to any girls I bet. You are just scared Heres the truth that will really help you: You shouldn't have such bad one-itis for a chick that she becomes the center of your world if she is making your hair fall out.

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    Everyone has had one-itis before and knows that feeling. The best way to get over one girl is to get under another one I've been through some bad breakups and one-itis myself and it is the only real solution! Originally Posted by yoj. I mean I dunno bro, if she's older and really career-oriented she probably won't wanna stick around with a dude that doesn't even have a car. Most girls won't necessarily want to play chaffeur and take on your responsibilities while trying to get their own in order.

    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. Originally Posted by cheerupemokid. There are girls out there that literally support their bf's who sit at home and watch tv while they work It just depends on the girl and your personality.