However, when people apply themselves to something and do it day in and day out, they start seeing results. Today I am a Spanish speaker because I did not try learning it I just learned it. When you have stopped trying and have learned Corey Wayne's material write another article. Maybe I'll try it ;-.

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Jake 31 Desember I'm actually laughing a little bit because I was going to berate this article for its lack of investigative journalism on Corey Wayne but it looks like almost every other comment has already done that. Your review on him is laughable. One of the only dating coaches that knows what he is talking about, in my opinion. Luke 12 January I highly disagree with having Corey Wayne on this list. Corey Wayne has been a great contributor to my life I have read his book cover to cover times and he is by far, a true humanitarian and knows his stuff very well.

That is the most important principle that any coach must preach. Carmelo 17 January He teaches you to boost your self-esteem if you're low on it, and lower your expectations so you don't overthink your dating goals.


Also to be a gentleman around women and do what you want in life From the look of this comment section, I think we can see who the clear winner is. Zach 12 February I never comment on articles like this but I just have to second everything the other commenters have said about Corey Wayne.

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The guy might just be the real deal. Look how many people are supporting him and chiming in about the real results they've seen! Me too, and I've only just begun. None of the others on the list has a single supporter in the comments. Bryan 06 March I agree Doc Love has a grating, interrupting, know it all, condescending attitude to his own customers.

Some of his teachings are ok, but any man who treats people as coldly as he does or subconsciously begins to model himself after that man's obnoxious personality will lose all his friends,. Lewis 21 April Good job driving readers away lol. Breezy 20 May My room mate actually got me into reading Corey Wayne's book. At first it doesn't seem consistent but it does seem logical. I actually searched his name trying to find dirt of him and I found this article to be incredibly invalid and what seems to be inacurate. Almost like you read that back and and stopped there.

I was intrigued by how much my friend loved his work and tried it myself. If there's one thing I've learned solid, it's to take care of myself to create a more confident character.

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It does seem a little harsh to leave a girl alone if she's not pursuing you, but why waste time wanting someone that doesn't want you? Trina 22 May Thank you for this list. Or Evan Marc Katz amd so many others? Each and every one of these people spout out the silliest nonsense! I think this list should be longer if you ask me. Bobby 26 May Long on accusations, short on facts. Just started looking into Corey Wayne, seems legitimate, but early.

He does come across like a good man. Corey Wayne's material saved my marriage of 5 years. Things are not perfect with my wife and I but it went from her leaving me, to us having fun and falling in love again.

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Nothing douchey about saving a marriage with kids involved. Emmy 11 July Corey Wayne is a joke. He is praying on people's heart ache. Sadly he couldn't make his relationship work, and he is punishing his parents for nor showing him love. Super douche, I had to let my boyfriend speak with my married friends husbands to get him on the right track.

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When I met him he was trying this idiots advice with me, pft, he learned quick. Love is work, you don't have to lie, pretend, have a plan. You want to call someone call them, how dumb do you have to be to follow this guy. Rule 1, sometimes you may get that ex back but at what expense. Love fearlessly, if the person's not the one you will know. Most of all lobe your children, show them affection and set a good example.

Or else they will be following adice from a person who had no clue. If you want to hook up save your money just jump on a dating site. Clearly he is a nerd. Fernando 17 July I'm sorry to tell you and I might be wrong, but you sound like a depressed man. I suggest you to stay open and humble to receive advise professional if you are willing , stop being so full of yourself and accept that you have a problem being negative and close minded and you would like to get out of it, most of us commenters have done it It might be a good start to begin reading to Corey Wayne Dave 02 September I agree with most comments about Corey Wayne's material being good stuff.

I don't agree with any advice about getting an ex-back, however. There's a reason you are exes, and once that's happened, you should move on. As far as the remainder of Corey Wayne's teachings, he seems to really try to help raise confidence, and I think that one thing is the key.

I don't see him as arrogant; I see him as someone trying to tell the male populous to "snap out of it" and get in the game.

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There's nothing wrong with guys knowing the rules. Roshan Rajan 25 September I was looking for negative criticism against doc love and I knew it's easy Doc has interviewed over ten thousands of women and that's why I trust him The reason he gets so much criticism is because he tells you the truth about what works on the street and you have to put your ego aside and follow his principles But then again he knew it's the most difficult thing for men to do.

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  4. Doug 06 October Say what you want, Jason Capital's shit has helped me become a better man. Just because he acts a certain way, speaks a certain way, and behaves like someone ripped out of their mind on coke I really like that his stuff digs deeper than just "game" and women. He's more of a lifestyle coach than a dating coach. Just my humble opinion. John 27 October I do not know about others but Corey Wayne's book worked for me.

    And I even helped a friend with getting over his ex, have numerous girlfriends, changing his views about females in general and building self confidence about love life. AAdil 28 October I have gone through Corey's book and videos and somebody who doesn't get it will forever remain challenged in his relationships. After reading his book and watching his videos I'm in a state where I want to be. Dating is effortless, I don't waste time on women who don't reciprocate and I move on to better things in life.

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    Sometimes 3rd party perspective helps put things together. I'm still trying to get my ex back. If she comes Great if she doesnt I'm still in a great place. To understand his teaching you need to be coming from a state of desperation and then you begin to see light. If you read his book just to review it you will find 20 things that wont make sense to you. Anon 29 November I never had a good relationship with a woman until I started following Corey Wayne There was just always something wrong with the relationship.