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As for more subtle warning flags? I would say he's a bad boy if he's often selfish and indifferent to you. He's also a bad boy if he doesn't make too much time for you or doesn't want to meet your parents no matter how many times they're in the area.

A sad boy, on the other hand, is someone who's constantly depressed. Like a bad boy, he'll be indifferent to all your sadness. However, it's not for the same reason as the bad boy's. Rad boys are responsible adults who don't see the world owing them a thing and see life as a bittersweet adventure. Now, take this quiz to figure out what category your man falls into! Lying is an ability usually only smart people possess. That said, it can be developed if you really want. I'm not sure, though, why a good person would want the ability to tell lies. Knowledge should be accessible to anyone, and it should be rid of biased opinions and other interpretations of data that go beyond what's factual.

Personally, I don't care one way or the other.

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As long as he doesn't curse in front of my family, I'm fine with cursing. It can be a good way to let out steam. However, if you don't like it when he swears, then he should stop when you ask him.

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  6. It's not nice to censor people, but if they're making you feel afraid or threatened, then you should definitely voice your opinion. Okay, it's fine if he forgets your birthday after a few months of dating, but if he's forgetting your birthday after years of being married, then something's wrong.

    Do Guys Think You're Difficult to Date

    Even if he's considered a forgetful person, then he should have a way of reminding himself, like by making a yearly reminder on his Google calendar. Where there's a will, there's a way! Maybe if you're in your late teens or early twenties, then you probably can hold off on judging him for not talking about marriage. He may still feel too much like a kid to get married. Marriage is a big commitment, and he may want to get some more life experience before signing away the rest of his life with someone.

    It's nice when someone takes away some of your responsibilities so that you can relax sooner once you get home from work. If your boyfriend hasn't cooked dinner for you both yet, then don't worry too much. It's not necessarily a sign he doesn't care about you; it's more about him not thinking that way because he may have a lot going on in his own life.

    Remember, if you ever feel in danger or emotionally abused in a relationship, then you need to get help. He may not show signs of being an abuser until months and months into the relationship. This is done on purpose so that you're vulnerable and emotionally tied to him, and you'll put up less of a fight. Yeah, meeting parents can be very awkward, but it's a must if you guys are going to have a long future together.

    Are you with the right person?

    If he always asks to reschedule or if he isn't on his best behavior in front of your parents, then it's time to get a new guy. Remember, there are billions of men out there. You can find one way better - trust me. Is he himself no matter who's around? Does he ever try to seem more distinguished when he's around your parents or extended family members?

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    Obviously, he could be doing this because he's socially awkward, or he could be doing this because he has something to hide. Just make sure you know him inside and out before introducing him to the other people in your life. Okay, let's get something straight: Unless you had parents who studied child psychology, then you probably have emotional baggage from your childhood. For instance, someone may be overly apologetic because he or she might have been wrongly blamed for a lot of things growing up. If you know how to make someone laugh, then you really know that person unless you're telling offensive jokes all the time.

    Does he lie?

    If he's constantly making dumb jokes that make you groan—and knowingly does it—then maybe you should start reconsidering the relationship. Apologizing and owning up to your mistakes after a fight takes courage and maturity. If you can score a guy that'll do this, then don't let him go! If he apologizes, then you should also reflect on your behavior and make sure that if you owe him an apology, you give him one.

    Maybe you're more of a book reader, and he's a gamer kind of guy. Well, both of you should make an effort to take an interest in each other's interests if you guys truly care about each other. Maybe you'll find out you really love video games after giving them a try, and maybe he'll find out he really likes reading comic books.

    A relationship should feel balanced and comfortable, like laying in a hammock on a warm summer afternoon. There are no hints of passive aggressiveness or lies anywhere to be found in your relationship. He tells you he loves you, and his actions prove it.

    Is He The One? Take Our Quiz To Find Out!

    When he says he's going to get you flowers or whatever, he follows through. Guys are awesome because they hit those low bass notes when they sing. What guys don't know yet is that they're extremely charming and seductive when they sing. Let's hope they don't find out about this ancient, hidden secret. If your boyfriend doesn't sing to you, then I'm so sorry because you're missing out. This would be a deal breaker in my book, but maybe that's just me. I'm not sure how many women out there would be okay with this, to be honest.

    I suppose things like this always depend on the circumstances. For example, maybe he's known this girl since childhood. I'd feel a bit guilty banning my guy from seeing someone he has so much history with. But if he insists on maintaining contact with "the one who got away," then you might want to rethink being with him. This is never okay. No adult should ever hit another adult. Even if someone's in the middle of saying something really embarrassing in front of your friends or coworkers, it's never okay to hit someone.

    Rather, both of you should be able to control your anger and be able to articulate your feelings without coming across as mean or hostile. If you're in your mid to late twenties, you're not a kid anymore. Those mind games where you make each other wait hours before responding should be long gone. They're silly and confusing for no good reason. If you cannot act like your true self around him without him trying to use that information to manipulate you, then maybe you should start pulling away. If he wasted no time at all getting you to see his friends and family, then he's totally smitten by you.

    On the other hand, if he's been dragging his feet about it or always has an excuse, then I'd recommend having a serious sit-down conversation with him, and you should ask him why he hasn't shown you to the other important people in his life. Isn't being in love the greatest inspiration? I think so, at least.