It was a long time ago. Well, if we play the percentages Something's eating Xander's head. All day, every day. That's gotta be like being showered with evil. Not really a shower. Like a bidet of evil. Guys, guess what happened.

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Buffy got a date! Way to steal my thunder. If it makes you feel better, it's Principal Wood, and I think he's aligned with the First. Also like ten years older than you, right? Which is like years younger than your type! Someone who doesn't remember the industrial revolution. Why do you think he asked me out? I mean, he could be interested, right? You're a frisky vixen. Or, or it could be work-related.

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Maybe I'm getting promoted for doing such a good job. On Instagram, meanwhile, she paid tribute to the whole experience , writing in part, "Alyson, as any woman knows, you are nothing without the love and support of great female friends, so thank you for being that. Michelle, you will always hold a key to my heart. So he was, like, 9. I said it—you're older.

She seemed otherworldly to me. But like so many of those on-the-set feud stories, and regardless of what they might have felt from day to day as year-olds, nothing was going on that would one day taint the memory of the show's cosmic chemistry like the recent no-friend-of-mine declaration from Kim Cattrall about Sarah Jessica Parker , for instance.

She's primarily based in New York now, but I spent a lot of time with her.

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date - Wikipedia

She's married, she has kids now, there's a lot of growing going on for both of us. We left a lot of stuff behind us—the shows, the hours, the characters. She really taught me a lot. I can't say enough about what I learned from her about getting your marks, hitting your lights, the demands of the role that she was under, the crazy hours.

It was an ambitious show. I'd really like to see her again. But we never really had the chance to sit down next to each other and to get to know each other," Carpenter said. We never had a chance to do that.

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Our schedules were just very different. We discussed music, kids and we talked about the shows that we worked on and grew up on, and how funny it is that we're just now getting to know each other 10 years after the shows are over. Carpenter did make some good-enough-to-attend-my-wedding pals from the Whedonverse. It was really a family affair," thanks largely to the environment created by Whedon. His young daughters, Emily and Daisy, would come to the set, he said, and Hannigan and Gellar were like big sisters to the girls.

Couldn't really spend much time with Sarah Michelle—I've spent a lot of time since, whenever I visit [the U. Hung out with David, hung out with James. Hung out with Seth a bit—I mean the bottom line is we all stayed really friendly. It figures he was the one out of everyone mentioned who couldn't make the reunion. He did, of course, contribute an interview and tweeted afterward , "Here's to 20 years and a wonderful group of people x.

Mainly to get food.

Andi Mack - Buffy and Walker Have a Date and Andi Sees the Post - It's a Dilemna

Buffy discusses the removal of Spike 's chip with Giles ; Giles doesn't believe that it was the right thing to do, while Buffy is convinced that it was. It's also revealed how Giles survived the Bringer attack: At work, Buffy tries to hunt for clues as to whether Principal Wood is good or evil in his office. When she is about to open a cabinet, Principal Wood finds her in his office and asks her out to dinner. After Buffy leaves, Wood opens the case, displaying a large collection of blade weapons, into which he places a bloody dagger.

Back at the house, Buffy expresses mixed feelings about the date, and is unsure over whether she is interested in him. Willow suggests that it would be good for Buffy to "move on. Upstairs, Buffy is getting dressed for dinner when Spike appears in the hallway, and tells Buffy that he feels fine about her having a date with another man, although Buffy tells him he doesn't have to be noble. On Buffy's date, she and Wood are jumped by a group of vampires. Buffy slays most of them, and thinks that Wood has set her up until she sees him take out two of the vampires. At the restaurant, Wood reveals that he is a "freelance" demon hunter, and tells her about his mother — that she was a Vampire Slayer and was killed when he was four years old, after which he was raised by her Watcher.

Buffy is struck by the idea that it is possible for a Slayer to have children.