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And so I began several interesting flirtations through Instagram. They all showed up in my DMs, summoned by the siren song of me posting my cleavage on the internet. In the weeks of DM-ing, and then texting, and sometimes both simultaneously that followed, B. The only catch was that he lived in Chicago while I was in New York. That was almost eight months ago, and after many round-trip tickets between New York and Chicago, and countless hourslong phone conversations, B. He now lives a subway ride instead of a plane ride away.

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When I think about it, I can hardly believe that a guy in Chicago who wrote me a message on the app people use to show off their lunches ended up being THE GUY and that that app brought him to me. God bless big beautiful breasts I guess. But seriously, around the time that B.

I just think it goes to show that love finds you where you are.

I Gave Up Dating Apps And Caught The Man Of My Dreams In A Thirst Trap On Instagram

Hand your iPhone over to that one mate who's good with words to check if you've spelt everything correctly. Nothing dries up a digital romance quicker than a series of excruciating grammatical errors. You don't want to be that 'looser' whose ongoing battle with the alphabet costs him his happily-ever-after.

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Instagram stories have really changed the way we use social media - it's opened up a whole new level of casual stalking. While some people might never like or comment on a photo, they will view your story. That's a whole new potential dating pool waiting to be dazzled by your top shelf content.

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And if starring in a story isn't your thing, just play it safe and post a crash zoom video of a co-worker - always good for a laugh and shows you have friends - win win. To be fair, the dating landscape shifts pretty quickly, and tomorrow LinkedIn could be the new Instagram and so on. Before long we'll all be dusting off our MySpace logins as everything comes full circle.

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  • The take-home message should be that every corner you exist on the internet is a sliding doors moment for your dating life. Have you swapped Tinder for Instagram? Or even looking on LinkedIn?

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    Share your dating highs and lows in the comments section below. Previous slide Next slide.

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