Our conservative society does not see it that way and there are a number of laws that can be used to deter, among them soliciting for an immoral purpose in a public place to living on the earnings of prostitution. The laws are also meant as protections against people putting themselves in dangerous situations that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, assault, rape and worse. They can affect outlook on life, personal and family relationships and performance at school.

The stigma of peers and colleagues aside, there can be a lifelong impact.


Understandably, police take the matter seriously, monitoring the internet and holding seminars for parents, teachers and students to warn of the dangers. Given the dangers and risks, particularly to young people, efforts to crack down have to be maintained and strengthened. Skip to main content. Crime in Hong Kong. Wednesday, 04 April, , 3: Related topics Crime in Hong Kong. Society Hong Kong yacht crew offers reformed drug addicts chance at sailing career 17 Jan You are signed up.

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