I did a quick scan from his hair to his face to his shoes, as J launched into conversation, while I reached for the menu. Can we just order? We finally got around to ordering food and the conversation flowed better once I got food in. I also observed how J took food for me and made sure I had some of everything we ordered. The conversation continued to flow smoothly, gracing topics of career, personal interests, life values, academic pursuits and reasons why J went to a dating agency to find love.

Oh yes, he did search on Google for me and also asked his friends if they knew of me.

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You know how they often say time passes quickly in good company? We ended up being the last to leave the restaurant, that the bill had to be sent to us.

My blind date with Lunch Actually

He was due for grandma duties in an hour, so we spent the rest of the time strutting around aimlessly along Orchard Road just keeping up the extended conversation. J was a gentleman though, holding the small of my back when crossing the road and pulling me closer in times of an oncoming car. Oops, grandma calls, so he graciously walks me to my car and smoothly passes me his phone to ask for my number. I keyed it in and he gave me a missed call so I had his too. Time to end the night and I dropped him off at his car at another mall.

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  8. About Contact Contact Us. Follow my adventures at cheryltaysg! My blind date with Lunch Actually. Related Posts Lunch Actually: Setting a match for you 10 reasons I want to be a man sometimes Black is the new modern. What I learnt about men 5 bad habits women drivers have. Her wait was well worth it; the couple hit it off and was soon off to Geylang to savour durians before they called it a night at a pub along Liang Seah Street.

    What If You Never Find “The One”?

    During that conversation on the phone, I was convinced about Jack's personality from his profile. I then decided to meet up. We had a good time sharing, exchanging common background and life experiences. We kept in touch and we have been going out together.

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    We've been blessed to be able to get to know each other well through gatherings and outings with his family members. We took a pre-marital counseling from church and felt compatible with personality, background, goals and life purposes. We look forward to a life together as husband and wife very soon. I met my husband through LA in Nov and we hit it off right from the first date! Thereafter, we got married in March and we have been living happily since. LA really provided us with an excellent platform to find your partner.

    Good luck to all who are looking for true and real love. As mentioned before, we are very happy to have been matched by Lunch Actually and look forward to taking big leaps together into our future! Gender Select Gender Male Female. Hear How did you hear about us?

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