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What sticks out in my mind were these two different guys who, despite having dumped their exes "for her own good" were obviously super bitter that said exes immediately found new boyfriends and were happy, while they themselves were still single. Both times, it felt like they weren't ready to start dating again, but they were desperate not to be single anymore.

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One of them even used my computer to stalk her while I was sleeping. He did it after some of the absolute worst sex I've ever had, might I add. I still kick myself for not saying it wasn't going to work and going on my merry way. Buddy later messaged me and viciously insulted me for, basically, not being his ex. I wish I could have told him that she was clearly better off without him.

Judging by her Facebook profile, which he showed me over dinner aaagh why didn't I just leeeave?! A wee tiny part of me is a little wee bit salty that I had to endure a lot of shit for about a year, while he got it right on his second try. It's become a joke between us. I slogged through six months of bad Tinder dates, while my bf met me after a week on the app. I'm the only woman he even spoke to.

I mean, I'm glad my SO didn't have to wade through a whole lot of bullshit, but a tiny whiny part of me is like "but y not me tho". But I've been dating the guy I'm currently with for almost a year and we met on Tinder. He might not be the guy I marry, but he's one of the few guys I've met that I actually love talking to and being with. I met my husband on eharmony after giving up in all other sites. We are both hippies but wanted something long-term so we tried the traditionally upright eharmony site in spite of our being liberal.

No one else on the site appealed to either of us. But when we first "saw" each other -- bam! We had great correspondence those first few weeks. Those long emails back and forth were divine. I definitely knew I could love him. He put in all that time and effort because he was looking for an LTR. I can't speak for all men, but that's why my normally aloof husband put a ton of effort into great online communication with me.

Two years of shit then I found my last SO who I was with for 6 years. Now I'm single again and it's been nothing but shit. People who can't hold conversations and men who ignore my preferences and try to convince me to meet with them anyway. Also a lot of men from Algeria looking for help in coming to the US.


Any guy I've dated online have been a "success" One I dated for a year. One was a fling all we were both looking for And the other I met three years ago and I'm currently in a hotel on vacation with him: I'd say the 1 in every 50 number is accurate. Words of advice so y'all can avoid wasting time:. You're under no obligation to see a guy you're "meh" about again. Never ended up well for me. With online dating you're a lot more likely to meet more people but these people are less likely to have chemistry with you vs real life dating.

Get them to a low-investment meeting, like coffee, drink, a walk in the park, or quick lunch as soon as you're comfortable. Even if he's asking you pretty boring questions, if he's repeatedly reaching out to you, particularly not in the late hours of the night, that's a decent indicator that he could be a nice dude and has an initial genuine interest in you.

It won't come off as clingy. If you're looking for something serious and he's "new to town and looking to meet new people", don't waste your time. Went on a lot of first dates via OkCupid for around 2 years total, stopped whenever I felt burnt out so I could take a few months to a year to focus on myself and studies. Eventually, I found my stride in waiting no more than a few messages to meet up for coffee or something similarly low pressure, then not drag out polite rejection if I didn't feel immediately into it. I can happily say now that the person I planned to go on my final date with before deactivating my account I was right about to relocate across my state has been my SO for two years and is unquestionably the love of my life.

It's a lot of sifting through things you don't want or need, but online dating isn't impossible, it's just difficult. But I hate when they just give short answers, get sexual, and write like this "how r u, lolololol' or whatever. Dated a guy for two months off Bumble. Ghosted me after sex but at least replied when asked him WTH happened.

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I had an hour phone convo with a guy last night who I met on tinder. He seems pretty cool and I cant wait to meet him. In retrospect, the sex wasn't that good, but still upsetting.

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I'm now on OKC, and it's kind of harder. I did it for fun at first, gah the guys on that site were stupid, but as i am incredibly unapproachable in real life tho i do get the feeling guys are attracted to me , it really boosted my selfasteem to get flattery from a bunch of people. I didnt take it seriously at all. Until about a month before i was going to move abroad i got a simple "hello", that somehow gave me the best feeling in the world.

A year and a half later we are still head over heels and talking about marriage and children.

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He was the only one i met off the internet, the only one i really wanted to. But there was also this one dude who i was alnost going to meet just for a trial, so that i know what its like kind of, not cos i liked him or anything. But i after i told him i was shy, he said he likes shy women better than sluts anyway and that pissed me off so i called it off. He got angry when i unfriended him on fb.

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Which proved my point in calling it off. When I asked them if they had a lot of money, they for some reason didnt like it. But for what other reason would i have been interested in an old man? It's nice in theory because I can put my asexuality right out there, and avoid that awkward conversation that way.

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Also I can make it clear I'm looking for ladies I guess I don't look it; in person I only get approached by guys. Had a couple decent conversations so far, got some messages from guys in spite of not being interested in that. I'm not in a hurry. I met my spouse online. Not via any dating app, however.

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He had a website with a related chat. I originally visited when he wasn't around due to us having opposing schedules.

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The first time I happened into the chat and saw him online, I thought it polite to thank him for providing a chat through which I had made several friends. He had noticed some of my chatter in his logs so knew I was female and single, so he started trying to chat me up. I realized this and put the brakes on because I had reasons to think we would not be a good pairing. He talked me round to doing a few things as friends and welp here we are almost 14 years later very happily married.

We had a lot of mutual hobbies and texted for hours. One day he asked to meet me. It was the most awkward date ever. He did not say anything. It was like all those texts did not mean anything. He dropped me off in the middle of nowhere and told me to take the bottle of wine with me he did not want it in his car I was off and on online dating mostly OKcupid for years. I met a few decent people, got a shitload of creepy messages, but nothing that I would write home about, until I met my now husband. We first exchanged messages around Christmas , first date early Jan , engaged March , married late October Its very hit and miss.

I rarely meet with anyone unless I'm sure they're not a ceeep. Besides not going anywhere after the first date it hasn't been terrible. I met my husband on okcupid; we never would have met in person. That said I dated several people, who I'd met online and in person, and lots of people have a hard time carrying on a conversation. Especially if they are inverted. Gendered slurs are strictly scrutinized; please see our gendered slurs policy guide. If you edit your comment, let us know and it may be reinstated.

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Have questions about this moderator action? Had a year of being used and abused by random guys on tinder. Just as I was thinking of deleting it, I met my SO and we have been together for nearly 10 months! Obviously I deleted tinder lol.