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Then roll back the year. We Click is committed to bringing back the traditional feeling of connecting face-to-face with someone new for the first time. Just like you, we are over how replaceable everyone is on dating apps. S imply put — you see a picture, you swipe and move on.

Speed Dating Sydney

Same people, same outcomes. Each date is relaxed yet intimate. Our hosts are there to break the ice and make sure you feel comfortable speed dating. Our select venues and atmosphere are all about providing you with a comfortable space to get creative, express yourself and find that spark with someone special.

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Speed dating is not only exciting and extremely effective, it brings back the human element of interacting with others in an online-world. At We Click, we pride ourselves on the venues we use for our speed dating events. We only host dating parties in places that provide a relaxing and personal atmosphere.

Our aim is for you to be comfortable at our events.

You're better in real life.

Always a good time out but their services, organising, communication skills and even the way they interact with their clients remain poor. Since there's barely any competition, there's no other choice however and it's really all about who comes. They're okay if you can't find another event. A good variety of men of different ages and careers. A short period of time but within the first couple minutes of meeting someone you know if you want to take it further.

A well run night and a lot of fun. A great way to meet new people I would definitely go again. Verified Customer You get out what you put in. For reference I'm an average looking bald guy in his 30's who keeps fit and dresses well.


I've been to Speed Dating Australia events twice now and both times have come away with 3 matches and could have gotten more if I was less picky. Considering the quality of the girls I matched with I think this is worth the price of admission.

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I found the women to be well intentioned and genuine. The bad apples you can spot a mile off if you have some recent dating experience. No one can hide behind well written profiles, old photos or instagram filters those dog ears.. Not much more to say, except that if you aren't doing alright here by meeting people face to face you might want to do some more self development before you re-enter the dating sphere.

Loved it- great atmosphere, mase for a fun night. Great venue and atmosphere.

Speed Dating Australia Reviews -

It really was a fun night and I would recommend for all. I was alone and others attending made me feel welcome and at ease. Jade Budhha is a great venue in Brisbane for SD. Always a good night out. Great hosts, dates and people. I have been a handful of times and enjoyed the diverse venues across Melbourne. The staff are very explanatory and provide a prompt match report the very next day. A lot of fun.

Met my partner at a speed date event: Verified Customer Great venue and friendly crowd. I had more than 10 dates on the night there were more men than women. Hosts were great, lovely venue and nice guys and gals. Really enjoyed meeting close to 20 men throughout the evening, as well as the free drink. Jade Buddha is definitely a venue I'll be going back to.

Enjoyed meeting singles at the Kilburn which is a classy venue. Recommend all singles to attend MSD. Hospitality amongst the hosts was outstanding. Best speed dating in ADL. Professional group of staff and the whole experience was well worth it. Even food and drinks were available. Verified Customer Wouldn't Recommend. I have used this service a total of 4 times, 1st time was fine. Tried to email they my complaint didn't hear back and no refund offered again.

They are disorganised and do not value their customers. My best advice would be to not use their dating services. Speed Dating Australia Official Mark Goulter, you have used us 4 times so you must be happy with our service. Very interesting range of people you met. Girls and guys to be honest. A fun night out. I highly recommend Speed Dating Australia. It is well organised, the venues are great and it's a fun night out. The event is well organised and well facilitated. Keep up the great work! I love the choice of venues.

A lot of interesting people to meet.

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Simply the best in Brisbane.