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So I've been using a few different apps for a while and I've noticed that I really don't get many likes and I'm thinking it's because of my weight.

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And I get that not a lot of people are interested in overweight guys, and that's okay. But it's discouraging nonetheless. I'm aware of a couple gay apps for overweight guys, like Chasabl, and that's been working well for me, but I'm bisexual and I'm wondering if there are any bi or straight oriented apps out there for overweight guys. You have to accept that obesity is not attractive to most people.

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Big ladies have it hard, and big guys have it even harder. I can really sympathize, since I'm obese myself, and trying to get out of the obese range before I start dating again. If you want to lose weight, get healthier, more confident, etc. It's hard though when I live in a household that's not exactly supportive.


I am very aware of my control issues when it comes to food, especially ice cream and things like that. It's like being an alcoholic, which I'm sure you can sympathise with. But my dad says just because I have this issue doesn't mean he can't keep buying ice cream. That's the kind of house I'm in and I can't afford to leave.

Likewise I can't afford to join a gym because I have a lot of bills to pay, and I had to put a hold on my process for bariatric surgery simply because I couldn't afford what was quickly adding up to hundreds of dollars of co-pays and taking so much time off work. I'm just wondering if there's some place for me. I downloaded an app for my phone called MyFitnessPal and tracked what I ate and lost lbs. You can lose weight without a gym and without surgery.

You can lose weight without a gym. I joined a gym last year and for 3 months, saw no real change to my weight. It wasn't until I actually started watching how much I ate, not necessarily what, just the amount, that I started losing weight. Food can be an addiction like any other drug, I get it, my personal devils are pasta with Alfredo sauce, chocolate and soda.

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Honestly, counting calories is way easier than I ever thought, and I've lost 30 lbs in 3 months so far. It can be done even in unsupportive household.

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It's very positive and motivating sub with lots of good advice. Don't know about dating sites for big people, but whichever you use, just make sure to use some nice pictures, and witty bio.


I'll definitely look into it. But in any case, losing a substantial amount of weight is something that's gonna take years at least. I don't want to remain celibate in that time. And I know there are people out there who are into big guys, like I said in the OP. After all, being overweight doesn't make me a monk. You have to want to lose weight for yourself, not for anyone else to succeed.

Plus-size dating app promises singles the chance to mingle without fat-shaming - Mirror Online

And you are definitely right, no need to live like celibate monk! Do some google-fu, I'm sure there are dating sites targeting bigger people and be active on regular dating sites.

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You can join meetup and go to events to socialize and to meet people face to face. Don't know what else I could tell you besides wishing you the best of luck! As a recovering alcoholic who lives at a home with overweight parents who has tons of junk food and booze around I think this is a cop out.

My parents keep buying booze and I don't drink it. I could buy my own food and or booze if I wanted to. It takes self control not to. Biggest thing is to have some self control man. I know you don't want to hear it but your weight is a lifestyle which includes your diet and exercise or lack thereof. That's honestly the reason why obesity is considered unattractive. It's a physical manifestation of the decisions that someone makes. Look into OA overeaters annonomious. You might find similar support to your problem that I did in regards to my drinking. Definitely just lose weight.

From a guy that was once lbs, I can tell you that dating is much better at lbs. Raman and co-founder, Michelle Li, built WooPlus, which has a Tinder-like interface that allows you to swipe yes or no to plus-size singles; matches are given 48 hours to message each other. However, the app has received quite a bit of criticism, especially with one particular aspect: It baffles me that people think that men can only like one type of woman! Home Love Dating Notes from the online dating trenches This new dating app is geared toward plus-size women.

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