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And yes, men who complain that this is unethical are spineless little man-slaves who grovel on their knees before the women in their lives, who have twisted their once masculine minds into servile little female organs. If you force me to learn this crap, I will prostitute myself too.

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But money trades more hand and it gets a license in most cases. Lets break it down.

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Man meats woman Woman gets acquainted with man 30 day free trial Man wants proposes to woman Woman drafts a contract of conditions as followed: Hand in marriage and child requires home for us, home for mom and dad if not divorced then home big enough for all us to live under 1 roof. Monetary compensation is up for negotiation pending the size of the dowry initially offered by your family. During marriage salary and gifts regiments. I require a XXXX amount of funds as well as my mother and father require xxxx amount of funds in order to keep harmony in the house hold.

Every period of which you receive your salary I would expect a lavish gesture of appreciation of our arrangement with precious stones or metal if not able or willing to purchase such gift I still accept additional funds on top of my regular salary. In exchange I am legally bonded to provide sex upon request with in reason. The frequency of such act is negotiable. Within X years your decision to have a child or not is needed to be decided.

In the event that im not able to provide a child with in stated time frame you may choose to file for a divorce. In the event that I produce a male child a bonus or gift is required. Regardless of our infidelity if our agreement is not fulfilled to satisfactory we must null or void the marriage in a divorce effective as soon as possible. Marriage in China is legal prostitution with a hint of emotions. Just because kids found away to cut a few strings go under the radar and its beneficial to both parties.

Im flattered and insulted at same time.

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And you have no social graces whatsoever. Most people would just call you clueless. What are niggers doing in China, or Asia for that matter? Good luck finding an Asian girl to rape, they all prefer White men — we treat them better. What a sad loser you are, rustytrombone. Whether you get a date or not, it is clear that you are and always will be a loser. I suggest you go back to your porn and whack off now. Be nice and avoid ordinary people. However, there is no mention AT ALL of the questionable morality of the corrupt adult men who hire children for sex.

The simplistic tendency in both China and Japan is to think of these girls as criminals rather than child victims of adult criminals. This is a sad commentary on both Chinese and Japanese understanding of both the rights of children and gender roles. In other words, the conventional thinking is:. Sorry, Chinese and Japanese people who believe this: Get your collective heads out of your butts and recognize the basic facts: These prostitute girls are victims of corrupt adults: These kids should be offered help and sympathy to overcome their problems.

Their male adult patrons are criminals and should go to jail. Their parents need psychological treatment. They are unfit to be parents. We must help kids who behave immorally, not blame them. We must blame adults who made them behave immorally. Well this is the hypocrisy of law making. These girls supply a demand. Generations of civilization had to be educated that these acts were wrong even when marriage was approved and consented by said minors and parental units.

In some instances infants and preteens are not to be touched but anything above is debatable whether understanding what they are getting them selves into. Morality or lack there of may have played a big part of it but on the other hand but I anyone would be naive that their organization was more capitalistic at heart. In todays society morality in law is only gaged by how much taxes these girls were not paying off their profits.

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These were not children when they make adult decisions like this. Society plays a part of it but its up to them to ultimately decide. This would not hold if it was some other immoral act, say, the kid decides to do some drugs.

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This has nothing to do with wai di people, and has everything to do with the extremely vain society the kids are growing up in. Shanghainese view themselves as the highest of classes, when in fact they are the lowest of all. They live pathetic, screwed up lives that they will regret once they have grown up.

They need help, not judgment. This is simple logic. If there was no demand, there would be no supply. These girls are in high school or middle school, right? I mean, living in an environment where dyeing your fingernails will be punished, wearing school uniform is required and hairstyle and even sitting position have standards, you actually think these girls have a chance to show vanity? Oh, by the way, I can gain money in that way!


God gave young women with gift to attract healthy men to bear child and populate the world not to use it for their own selfish gain. Well said, all of you! Half way through reading this thread I realized that religion was talking against naturalism against socialism!

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You see, many thanks for vindicating it. We have here too many opinions struggling to find a standing and justify their position.

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The most exciting script I have ever read was between whoever it was saying that the children know what they are doing and should be culpable… Exciting in as much as I now know that such idiots exist in the world!!! Knowing that fucking idiots like you are out there just makes me realize that prostitution will always be around. And prostitutes are rated very highly in this scale! Oh by the way, I have a sudden craving for someone to spread shit all over my body while standing my face into the ground and raping me with a strap on… Is there a market for that??

Of course there fucking is!! Grow the fuck up, and try and regain some fucking masculinity by taking responsibility for the shit that you desire — you complete fucking morons!!!! Will you be my foreign girlfriend? Why it is stupid: I want you to want me to me. Do I even have to explain why this is terrible? Seriously, if you say this to a girl, especially after meeting her on one of the hook-up apps, expect to be deleted right away.

Not every guy has to want to have sex with me. But if you contact me on TanTan or Momo, then you better be into me, and not try to use me to get to better looking friends of mine. If you want to be deleted and ensure you will never meet a foreign girl, then please, do exactly this. So last night I went to a bar. And a lot of foreigners. Asian women come for the western guys. This is not the first choice for Asian men, and I usually end up spending the night with my friends.