Eisenhower spurned the hat for his inauguration, but John F. Kennedy, who was accustomed to formal dress, brought it back for his in Iconically, Kennedy delivered his forceful inaugural address hatless, reinforcing the image of vigor he desired to project, and setting the tone for an active administration to follow. His successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, did not wear a top hat for any part of his inauguration in , and the hat has not been worn since for this purpose. Spare top hats were kept in the chamber in case they were needed.

The Modernisation Select Committee commented that "This particular practice has almost certainly brought the House into greater ridicule than almost any other". Although Eton College has long abandoned the top hat as part of its uniform, top hats are still worn by " Monitors " at Harrow School with their Sunday dress uniform.

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The modern standard top hat is a hard, black silk hat, with fur now often used. The acceptable colors of hats are much as they have traditionally been, with "white" hats which are actually grey , a daytime racing color, worn at the less formal occasions demanding a top hat, such as Royal Ascot , or with a morning suit. The collapsible silk opera hat, or crush hat , is still worn on occasions, and black in color if worn with evening wear as part of white tie , [29] and is still made by a few companies, since the materials, satin or grosgrain silk, are still available.

The other alternative hat for eveningwear is the normal hard shell. In formal academic dress , the Finnish and Swedish doctoral hat is a variant of the top hat, and remains in use today.

The British-American musician Slash has sported a top hat since he was in Guns N' Roses , a look that has become iconic for him. Steampunk culture also incorporates the top hat into accepted headgear choices, though top hats worn in such a context are sometimes made of leather or similar materials and, now and then, even have simulated gears or other adornments secured to them. A top hat, frequently colored red, white and blue, or with stars and stripes similar to those on the American flag, is part of the regular costume of Uncle Sam , a symbol of the United States.

For satirists and political cartoonists, the top hat was a convenient symbol of the upper class , business and capitalism. A character wearing a top hat would be instantly recognized by the viewer as a member of the oligarchy. In addition, a top hat is one of the game's tokens, used by players to mark their position as they progress around the board. In Freemasonry , as practiced in North American lodges, top hats are often associated with the position of Worshipful Master as he is the only member allowed the privilege of wearing a head covering to signify his leadership within the lodge.

However, the Master is not obliged to wear a top hat, and can wear whatever type of hat he deems appropriate for the occasion. This is because there are varying degrees of formality in different Lodges, from formal wear to everyday dress.

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It is also common for a Worshipful Master to receive top-hat-related trinkets and gifts on either the day of his installation or as a going away present. In some synagogues , the president and honorary officers may wear a top hat on Shabbat or the great festivals. The custom of wearing a top hat, or tzylinder in the Yiddish language , originated in 19th-century England, replacing the wig and tricorn hat.

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The custom became widespread in Europe until The Holocaust. In some traditional Sephardi synagogues, members of the congregation may also wear top hats on special occasions. He then found that his tricorn hat was too big, as it had been made to fit over the wig, and so wore his top hat instead. Contemporary hip-hop musician T-Pain wearing a blue-and-white striped top hat at the Video Music Awards in A stage magician using a top hat as a prop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Top hat disambiguation.

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Sir Nigel Althaus the last Government Broker ". House of Commons Information Office. The Blue Book of Men's Tailoring. New York and Chicago: Over the past twenty-five years, Slash's cool stage presence, gloriously unkempt hair, iconic top hat, and soulful guitar virtuosity has been the epitome of contemporary hard rock.

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Homburg Anthony Eden Boater Bowler. Klobuk Epanokalimavkion Kalimavkion Koukoulion Skufia. Cockade Feathers Hat box Hatpin. Do-rag Hood Turban Veil. Firefighter Hard hat Welding. Batting Bicycle Football Motorcycle Racing. Retrieved from " https: Hats History of clothing Western fashion History of fashion Rider apparel 18th-century fashion 19th-century fashion 20th-century fashion 21st-century fashion Victorian fashion. Julian—Gregorian uncertainty Articles containing potentially dated statements from May All articles containing potentially dated statements Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from May All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from July Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. But now I pull it out before opening day each year and marvel over its suppleness and how it responds so effortlessly to my hand. It is small and the fingers are not laced together. It is only a distant cousin to the oversized prosthetics being used by pro ball players today.

I chose the St. Francis Dining Hall, which feeds the hungry in Portland, Ore. Before finding Katsapis, however, I came across numerous sites online offering to buy or sell vintage gloves, and found a web of collectors who have a love affair with old gloves, but they are contending with the digital age. For vintage baseball glove collectors the value is more in the passion for the game and its history than the money. Katsapis rhapsodizes over seeing Mickey Mantle's glove, "The one he used to make 'the catch' in the '56 World Series to save Don Larsen's perfect game It's amazing -- specially made for Mantle.

David Seideman, another collector who is also editor-in-chief of Audubon magazine, estimates there are probably a "few thousand hard-core collectors," and their ranks have been bolstered by aging baby boomers.

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The increased interest has produced a lot more of the common old gloves, like my Bob Elliott, pushing down their value. But having people ransack their attics has also flushed out some valuable gems, like a Duck Web glove, the "holy grail for collectors," Seideman said, a model that was around briefly in the s. Or a Tornado Palm glove. Seideman remembers his own first glove, a Mickey Mantle model, and how he tortured it with creams, wrapped it in a belt and put it under his mattress and slept on it to create that perfect pocket.

Interest is high enough in old style gloves that some companies are making replicas of the antique mitts for those who haven't the time, patience or luck to find the antique they are seeking.

The value of any collectible goes up if it comes with a good story. And my glove is enhanced by its history. As with any good baseball tale, it's a father-son thing.

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My old man was the master of the tall tale and for years he convinced my brother and I that he used to pitch for the Yankees and could throw either hand depending on the batter. He would act it out while playing catch with us, switching the glove to his other hand and throwing lefty. When we finally called him out on that whopper he conceded he exaggerated. It was a Yankee farm team. That satisfied us for a few more years. He was intent on making my brother a pitcher and came home one evening with a gift, a glove he claimed once belonged to a Washington Senator.

Not the political kind of senator, but the woeful defunct National League team that was still playing at the time. The guy didn't need the glove any more because he had a new one. It was a beautiful glove, nut brown, broken in, and the envy of the neighborhood. That Christmas I got a catcher's mitt. My father was apparently creating a battery.

And when I went out to play Christmas day, he cut out the web and sewed the thumb to the fat finger part of the glove. He was sure it would make me a better player by making it harder to catch the ball. He made it impossible. I was left with a pillow that had a faint indentation of a baseball.

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