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In order to adhere to those standards, it has to be a two-piece that reveals their belly buttons. As this list goes on, you will get a solid sense that working as a cheerleader could give slavery a run for its money. It is not surprising that cheerleaders have been suing NFL teams for the ridiculous conditions they had to endure. Hopefully, most of them will receive the gratification they deserve, because what these women went through was no easy ordeal. A perfect example of that was what the Buffalo Jills had to endure during their annual golf tournament.

This was a huge deal in the class-action lawsuit they brought against the Bills. Just to name a few of the reasons why that event was a nightmare for them: They were auctioned off to tournament participants who usually got handsy and inappropriate.

Leaked NFL handbook reveals the sexist rules cheerleaders endure — for abysmal pay

And finally, sometimes they were forced to sit on the participants' laps because the golf carts were too small. Remember how controversial the Patriot Act was, and still is?

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  7. Most of it was because to some extent it called for the consent of a citizen to be constantly watched by the government. It turns out that NFL cheerleaders have their own take on this subject. So yes, if you were an NFL cheerleader, there was a good chance that someone in the front office was always creeping on your new pictures. But that is not all, ladies and gentlemen. Cheerleaders were also forced to give any email addresses that were associated with their social media profiles.

    The Rules for Being an NFL Cheerleader May Surprise You

    Whether anyone would like to admit it or not, looking beautiful is a vital part of being a cheerleader. It might be mean to say, but cheerleading squads would probably not be as popular as they are if most of the people who were part of them were not drop dead gorgeous. And one would like to think that an NFL team would want to contribute to keeping their cheerleaders looking as good as they possibly can. According to some former cheerleaders, the members of cheer squads have to get their teeth whitened regularly, and the cheerleaders who are not naturally tan have to get tans frequently.

    The problem is that they have to do all of that spending money from their own pockets.

    Remember how many times during your youth your mother told you to be a gentleman? Those many times she told you not to eat with your mouth open, be nice to people, and pretty much be a classy human being. Well, it turns out the Oakland Raiders thought it would be a good idea to enforce every single aspect of keeping it classy in their etiquette agreement a few years ago.

    We have a little paradox for you guys.

    The strict, sexist rules for cheerleader behavior

    We already told you how the Raiders made sure that their cheerleaders knew the perfect way to sit down, right? But what sense does that make when cheerleaders are not really allowed to sit down during games? Yes, this paradox was brought to light when a former Bills cheerleader decided to sue the team with some of her colleagues.

    If you are someone who already hated the California team, you might just get a little more fuel for that hatred after you finish reading about the stuff they do to their cheerleaders. We have to say, the competition is fierce, but the rules the Raiders have are crazy even when compared to other teams in the NFL. Another stellar standard with which they prime their cheerleaders to maintain is that cheerleaders should always be ready. The client assumes you are professional and close to perfect. Be sure you are! By now we all understand that NFL teams are very keen on their cheerleaders representing them to the highest standards in every single aspect of life.

    And while there were a lot of points on this list were that line could have been drawn, this is where they made things the weirdest. As if controlling how a lady sits down were not enough, some NFL teams go to the extreme of making sure that their cheerleaders are eating soup the right way. Why would you need to control that?

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    • Ridiculous Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have To Follow | TheSportster!
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    • The Rules For Being An NFL Cheerleader May Surprise You - ABC News!
    • Surprising facts about NFL cheerleaders.

    This prevents soup from being spilled onto your clothes. We told you that the Raiders liked to keep everything under control. But apparently, the way they sit down was not the only thing about their cheerleaders that the Raiders wanted to control with their etiquette agreement. It turns out that the organization also did not want their cheerleaders getting involved romantically with the players. And the way they put that in the contract was a thing of beauty. In writing, they remembered an incident in which a player was suspended for drug use and arrested for date rape for what happened during a Halloween party many cheerleaders attended.

    We could not wait until further down the list to tell you about this one. Members of the Seattle Sea Gals are given team-owned uniforms that must be cleaned and kept in working order by the cheerleaders, who pay for such maintenance out of their own pockets.

    More than a decade later, that revenue is expected to have risen. At 40, Lewis made the Saintsations.

    Leaked NFL handbook reveals the sexist rules cheerleaders endure — for abysmal pay

    Many events are mandated for NFL cheerleaders, including the annual calendar shoot. The cheerleaders are expected to sell them for a profit. In the s, Smith spent a year as a cheerleader for the then St. Each squad requires members to have a GED or to have graduated high school. To be eligible for an NFL cheerleading squad, each member is required to have a full-time job elsewhere.