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Dating is required to raise up your relationship meter. To call someone on a date, go to any of the locations listed below and find the symbol. Tap it and your contact list will come up. You will only be able to call love interests and real-life contacts. Your date's rank will determine where they live in the game. Their apartment will be open for you at When a milestone is achieved your date will symbolise it with dialogue which will be indicated with a symbol.

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We should start seeing each other, exclusively. Maybe you could start spending some time at my place Alternative Let's take our relationship to the next level! I want to give you the key to my place. See me whenever you'd like! I'd like to give you the key to my place.

Stardom: Hollywood Answers for iPhone - iPad

Now you can come over whenever you want! And I've been thinking Will you marry me?

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You've made me so happy! Hollywood, and go from nobody to A-list celebrity!

Hollywood is a huge new adventure in a huge new city. Hollywood is bigger and better than ever: Your favorite characters are back with new quests, along with a bunch of new people and stories.

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You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance Updated Terms of Use. Please review them as these new Terms will apply to you if you continue to use this game after October 26, , the date is the date that is 2 weeks after the date that the revised Terms of Use have been posted.

Among the changes are: I am so addicted to this game but when I am doing a movie and my energy is out and I leave it to load then i come a hour later and it hasn't loaded at all plus the timer starts from the beginning which is so annoying but other than that its a great game. It's an awesome game i have an idea for a new update. I'm married but I keep dating with him it stopped at and it should stop at and I want to have children can you make this update and I also want a new place to travel to.

The game is awesome and amazing, but I only give you three stars because it uses Internet.

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Can you send me gifts? My Game Center is hhhjjjkj Thanks! U delete it'll already reset the game. Charlene wants you to buy your boyfriend a gift, or girlfriend, the cheapest cost 8 stars, so save them.


Here are some quests charlene will give u: Headley mansion Those are a few quests so i will keep ya informed. I just sent gift to my new friends, so tell me if you got them. It fixed my problem which was every time I opened my game I would be in a casino with the same clothes and hairstyle even when I changed. Hollywood all of mine suck haha: