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The game takes place in the Johto region and offers updated graphics, touch controls, and even the ability to use the 'Pokewalker' — essentially a glorified Tamagotchi — to take your Pokemon wherever you go. It's a PC point-and-click classic, but bringing a new and improved version of the original Broken Sword title to the portable Nintendo DS was a stroke of genius on the part of Nintendo and Revolution software. The dual-screen touch elements of the Nintendo DS work extremely well with the point-and-click style of play and Broken Sword is one of the best games in the genre to show this.

The game follows the original story of George Stobbart as he travels across the world to unravel the Templar conspiracy. To draw in those who had already played the game, though, the Director's Cut added new puzzles specifically suited to the DS touchscreen, animated facial expressions, and a brand new complementary storyline which follows George's fellow adventurer Nico Collard to new locations and adds more depth to the original story.

The only downside is that the DS version lacks the excellent voice acting of Rolf Saxon. Fortunately, the script is good enough to stand on its own. Chinatown Wars is an entirely new entry to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and it carries on the tradition of a game in which players can roam the world and so whatever they want.

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Of course, there are also awesome missions to complete along the way, and while there are a few things that have been left out in the handheld version of the game, plenty has also been added, making Chinatown Wars one of the best and only mature-rated Nintendo DS games out there. While Spirit Tracks is arguably a better game, Phantom Hourglass is its enjoyable predecessor filled with familiar features and well-worn gameplay.

Phantom Hourglass is a little more casual than other Legend of Zelda games and arguably a little easier too, but that doesn't make it any less of a seriously entertaining pocket adventure. Dawn of Sorrow is set around a year after Aria of Sorrow, and follows a cult that wants to resurrect a dead Dracula.

Soma Cruz gets entangled in the plans and must now find a way to stop the resurrection from happening. Unlike many other Nintendo DS games, most of the action takes place on the bottom screen, while the top screen is reserved for maps, character information, and so on. Many suggest that Dawn of Sorrow is one of the best Castlevania games of all-time, and for good reason — it's beautifully designed, offers great battle scenarios, and finds the perfect balance between nostalgia and innovation.

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Samus is obviously the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. A total of six other bounty hunters are looking to gain that title, which is the premise behind Hunters. Hunters doesn't just feature an awesome story — I mean, nothing was worse than Metroid: You can play as any of the seven bounty hunters, with each of them having their own special attacks and skills.

You can't go through a great game list for Nintendo without getting Mario Kart. Mario Kart DS is exactly what you might expect from a Mario Kart for Nintendo DS game, featuring a multiplayer mode where you can face up to eight players at once, as well as the ability to race through some of the most classic Mario Kart circuits out there.

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The DS version of the cart racer may not have the visual sizzle of the newer Wii U version, but if you're looking to take Mario and Co. This game was pretty highly anticipated upon its release, however some were a little disappointed that instead of getting an all-new game, they instead got a remake of the original. Still, the original game is a great game, and the Nintendo DS version brings updated graphics and modern features. For fans of the turn-based strategy experience or awesomely named Japanese franchises , Shadow Dragon should be one of your first stops when stocking up your Nintendo DS library.

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Developed by Jupiter and published by Square Enix, The World Ends With You follows the story of Neku Sakuraba, a year-old boy who wakes up in the shopping district of Japan and is told that he will die unless he completes a certain task. What I admire most is that the developers behind the game took a chance with it — they could have easily come up with another Kingdom Hearts game — but the chance was well worth it and has resulted in one of the most underrated role-playing games out there.

If you missed the original, it follows a young Chrono, who has to rescue his friend after a teleportation machine malfunctions at the fair.

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Eventually, he uncovers a plan to destroy the world and has to race the clock in order to save it. While technically a direct port of the game for SNES, the DS version adds some great features, like support for the dual-screen setup, touch screen functionality, and a wireless play mode that adds a dimension of gameplay.

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Phoenix Wright is a great game for those who enjoy a good puzzle — though, as a word of warning, depending on your puzzle-solving skills you might even find some of the challenges too difficult! If you haven't ever dug into Phoenix Wright's case files before, the series essentially involves you having to uncover clues, discover characters' personalities, and so on, as you slowly solve cases and bring justice to the criminals along the way.

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You won't hear any objections from us on this one. If you're partial to point and click adventures then you don't want to miss out on Hotel Dusk Room The DS touchscreen was always going to be good for the point and click puzzle solving genre and this is a game that makes it work well by having the player hold the console like a book. In fact, this is a game that integrates all of the Nintendo DS's features as part of its puzzle solving, including the microphone.

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The game, set in , follows Kyle Hyde, a New York detective turned salesman who has come to the Hotel Dusk in California to search for his former partner. He's placed in Room , a room said to grant wishes, and finds that the hotel has many mysteries to solve, some of which relate to his own past.

If you're not a fan of linearity then this isn't a game for you but if you can get a kick out of a game that's actually almost like an interactive book then this is one you shouldn't miss. Closing out our list is Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift - a sequel to the great-selling GBA game that was a sequel to the awesome, trail-blazing PS1 game. While Grimoire of the Rift didn't re-write the formula for the Tactics series, it did add several classes and features that greatly enhanced an already great franchise. Combat is turn-based and deeply cerebral as you attempt to out-maneuver and overpower your enemy.

In between battles, you'll equip characters with new weapons and skills the former begets the latter and take on side-quests and new characters. It's a formula that never feels old, even now, 10 years after its release. It also features a new character, Akira Yukino, a sophomore.

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