Royal and Camden Yards are served by six trains an hour off-peak and eight trains an hour at peak. Paradoxically, the Timonium-Hunt Valley section actually sees longer headways at peak hours. Most of the light rail's route is on a dedicated right-of-way , with occasional grade crossings equipped with crossing gates. Royal and Camden Yards stations , trains mix with automobile traffic and their movement is controlled by traffic signals.

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North of Falls Road and south of Westport, it follows its own path towards its respective termini. Daily, weekly, and monthly unlimited-ride passes are also available that are good on all three transit modes. A passenger with a one-way ticket can change Light Rail trains if necessary to complete their journey, the only instance of a one-way MTA ticket being good for a ride on more than one vehicle, but transferring to a bus or the Metro Subway requires a new one-way fare or a pass.

Automated ticket vending machines that sell tickets and passes are available at all Light Rail stations. The Light Rail's ticketing is based on a proof-of-payment system. Passengers must have a ticket or pass before boarding. Maryland Transit Administration Police officers ride some trains and randomly check passengers to make sure that they are carrying a valid ticket or pass and can issue criminal citations for those without one.

Civilian Fare Inspectors also conduct ticket checks, alighting those without fare.

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There are no cross-platform connections with the Metro Subway. The Lexington Market subway and light rail stations are a block apart and connected only via surface streets. The initial set was delivered in — as the line was being built; a supplemental order of essentially identical cars was delivered in when the extensions came into service. One-, two- and three-car trains are all routinely seen in service. The MTA currently owns 53 individual light rail cars.

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During typical weekday peak-time service, approximately 30 to 35 cars are required; a somewhat higher number of cars are put into service immediately after Orioles and Ravens games. For weekday service, as well as on days of Orioles games or events at the Royal Farms Arena or Baltimore Convention Center , trains going from Hunt Valley to Cromwell and BWI Airport are generally run with two cars, while three-car trains are put into service for Ravens games and major downtown events.

Usually the Penn Station-Camden Yards shuttle is operated with one-car trains. The MTA also owns a variety of maintenance of way equipment, which can use diesel power in emergencies. A mid-life upgrade of the light rail vehicles began in Five vehicles at a time were sent for rebuilding, involving testing, removal of all interior and exterior components and replacement with new propulsion systems. The overhaul is scheduled for completion in March There are no immediate plans to add track length to the current Light Rail system.

An independent commission on Baltimore-area transit made a number of suggestions in a report for new lines and expansions of existing lines. There are plans to add an infill station at Texas, between the existing Timonium and Warren Road stations. An island was built at this point on the line in conjunction with the double-tracking work to provide a turn-back point for trains not going all the way to Hunt Valley; it would also be relatively simple to convert this into a revenue station.

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