But still, how he expressed his fear was beyond crummy. I believe there was a sense of embarrassment that his child did not have a child through traditional methods. More than ten years later , my father has accepted that I have a child.

Nina Davenport returns to Harvard for ‘First Comes Love’

He does ask about her but he has never sent her a birthday card. He is set in his routine and long distance communication suffices. I sometimes think single mother by choice should be more accurately called single mother by default. However, for many women being a single mother is highly preferable to never being a mother. Nancy Fingerhood is a writer, filmmaker and performer originally from New Jersey. In her blog, Confessions of a Middle Aged Woman Gone Wild, she combines her humorous and honest writing style to discuss relationships, parenting, aging and anything else that catches her attention.

She is currently the co-owner of Vivid Impressions Productions, a photography and videography services company based in Westminster. Amber Johnson August 4, Sundance is a good survey of how docs are getting funded. This year reflects the important influence of Kickstarter. Other documentaries raised more modest sums. They could take matters into their own hands. Another important player is the equity group Impact Partners, who for several years have had a strong showing of their catalog at Sundance.

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The last group that I would mention is Cinereach, who were the heroes of Sundance last year for their funding of Beasts Of The Southern Wild , and who were back this year with four docs: When you look at the kinds of films that are showing up at Sundance, you see the names of some key producers re-occurring. The producer John Battsek from the U.

And Jess Search , also based in the U. Clearly those producers and others like them have a good eye for spotting what makes a strong documentary in development. One bit of industry news this past week was that the HotDocs Forum, which has been a key place for documentaries to raise money, mainly in the broadcast world, announced that they will now accept projects on the basis of a certain amount of funds raised on Kickstarter. It used to be that you had to demonstrate a portion of your budget, like a quarter, was already being supported by a broadcaster or other traditional grantmaking institution.

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This change in policy signals the way in which Kickstarter funding is being taken more seriously. In the case of The Square, the producers launched a Kickstarter campaign at Sundance to help finish their film. That seems like a very smart strategy for other filmmakers to consider.

First Comes Love: Thank you, Nina Davenport | Mile High Mamas

I also saw the team from The Square selling t-shirts. After one screening they came away with few hundred dollars of cash in hand, which can help defray costs of attending a festival. These are strategies that filmmakers like Gary Hustwit have long practiced, emulating the way rock musicians sell t-shirts and posters at live performances. The film community has been slow to catch on. But every bit of revenue helps. But it has to be said that the most long-standing and reliable place for documentary makers to get money is the broadcast world.

August 2013 Profile: Nina Davenport

HBO, which usually has a strong presence at Sundance, had the most overwhelming presence that I can remember, coming with six feature length documentaries. There was news generated by other broadcasters getting active in the documentary field, including Showtime, which came with The World According To Dick Cheney.

In addition, CNN made an announcement during Sundance about a slate of feature-length docs, including a film by Alex Gibney. All in all, the year is off to a good start. Link to the original article here. My focus was less on finding the greatest of films this year. I hear from others that the festival offered a good mix, if not the most outstanding, selection of films. Personally, I am discovering that a new community has opened its arms to me and the films that are standing out most for me are by women and about women.

My community, those women who have lost their mothers, is sharing a unique and profound rite of passage whose meaning continuously unfolds. In Toronto I was hyper aware of the women and their position in this corner of the world I inhabit. Canadian women, Helga Stephenson , Director Emerita of the Toronto Film Festival, predecessor to Piers Handling ; Michele Maheux, Executive Director and COO of Tiff ever since I've known her which has been a long time; Linda Beath who headed United Artists when I was beginning my career and who has since moved to Europe where she teaches at Eave European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs , Kay Armitrage, programmer of the festival for 24 years and professor at University of Toronto, are all women to helped me envisage myself as a professional in the film business, and they are still as vibrant and active as when we met more than 25 years ago.

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Exactly half of these filmmakers are women. She said there is always such a predominance of males without thinking about it that she decided to bring balance. Then a look at some more of the Canadian talent here brings me to the Birks Diamonds celebration of seven Canadian women: The pre-eminence of women was again made so apparent to me. Women Directors to Watch and Tiff Preview: Add to this the upcoming Sundance initiative on women directors that Keri Putnam is heading up more on that later!

That is saying a lot since last season in Cannes with the pathetic number of women directors showing up in the festival and sidebars this past spring. Here is the Female Factor for Tiff 12 which scores an A in my book: Picked up for U. Korea, DeaPlaneta for Spain. Liz Garbus Love, Marilyn. HBO picked up No. Gauri Shinde English Vinglish. Masters — 0 — Could we say that women directors have not been around that long or shown such longevity as the men? Lina Wertmiller was a long time ago. Ida Lupino was an anomaly. Who else was there in those early days? Twentieth Century Fox International - U.

The Match Factory Imogine — U. Independent Ginger and Rosa — U. Sony Pictures Classics , Canada: So many women of my generation struggle with the issue of their biological clocks that I thought it was a very important story, and one that would be best told from a personal point of view.

Kurupuru (Short Film) 2012

I hope it empowers women to see an example of a someone having a baby on her own and being happy she did. How has your family reacted to the making of the film and your choice to pursue motherhood on your own? I think it will be amazing for Jasper to see himself being born—how incredible!

And to know everything that motivated his mother to have him. I would give anything to see the equivalent film about the first two years of my life—I would love to get to know more about what my own mother was like when she had me. Everyone in my family has come around to the idea that my having a baby on my own was a great idea! It probably helps that Jasper is so cute.

Your road to motherhood was IVF you had success the first time , with sperm donation from a close male friend.

Was this a difficult choice? I chose IVF because two doctors recommended it, just based on my age I also love the idea of adopting; but I did really want to be pregnant, and I also liked the idea that there was a deadline at least in my own mind because I was so sick of wanting a baby and worrying about it. What do you love the most about it?

First Comes Love: Thank you, Nina Davenport

What is the toughest? I love being able to give unconditional love. I love how hilarious kids are—and I got especially lucky in that department because Jasper is a born comedian. Mostly, I love being able to relive the wonderful relationship I had with my own mother now deceased from the other side—from her perspective.