I read the reviews saying DOA and figured most of it was user error. The wireless remotes don't come with batteries, it doesn't have HDMI hookup, etc. This product simply isn't well made and doesn't work properly. I own the Retron 5 and thought the quality would be comperable but that wasn't the case.

I kept pressing the start button but the game wouldn't start, it just kept playing the intro over and over. I saw small glitches in the display of the Genesis game but it was much more prominent on the NES game.

Retron 3 - pros and cons, opinions?

Out of 5 different SNES cartridges only 1 actually fit into the slot. I have issues with the Retron 5 always running out of memory so I have to empty the files before every game - but at least it works. I was going to use this Retron 3 console to play the multi-game carts because the 5 only plays original game cartridges. I have read horrible reviews on the other clone 3-in-1 systems also, and would recommend buying the original consoles for games that won't load in the 5.

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I am going to return this asap One person found this helpful. Gave this to my family as a Christmas Gift to play on Christmas Eve. We tried hooking it up to several TVs Total disappointment and ruined the mood the day before Xmas. Now I have to waste my time returning it. I just saw the 3. And they are focused on Retron 5 after having this high failure rate. Well I learned my lesson! I should have tried to find an original nes, snes, and genesis instead of this.

It works for Sega games. It worked the first time I played a regular NES game too. But, then it jammed with my next NES game, and broke the game, and the system too. Received this about a week ago and haven't been able to stop playing it. Found a few games on Amazon and at a local reseller shop.

www.mfarrow.com: Customer reviews: Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS - Red

Reading past reviews, I wanted to comment as a casual gamer: Putting in the cartridges, though, didn't have the original "snap" feel that they were secure. One game that I purchased, I had to keep taking out and putting back in to make it work. After a few times though, no additional issues. I have read a lot about how the controllers do not work well.

I had every intention of purchasing controllers but I thought I would give these a try first. Although they are geared more to the Sega console, I do not have any issues with the controllers and like them enough to ditch the idea of getting additional controllers for NES, SNES, Genesis compatibility. My recommendation would be to give them a try before getting new controllers. I bought this because I wanted to give my classic consoles a break before they broke.

And it doesn't disappoint, aside from some occasional audio distortion, and the legendary cartridge death grip. I would recommend this to anyone who loves classic games or is looking for a gift for a retro gamer. Tried a Sega Genesis game first plugged it into my flatscreen and the picture looks choppy grainy. Played Street Fighter for 10 minutes. Tried to switch games and the Genesis side stopped working.

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The unit feels cheap. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Technical Specification

Hyperkin RetroN 3 Gaming Console 2. See all questions about this product. I have mine hooked up with the three prongs as to my HD tv as long as your tv has this feature your golden. Leave a Comment Do you find this helpful? If it does not have one, you will notice a delay between when you press the button, and when the character reacts.

Also you will need to check it for RCA jacks or get a converter.

About the product

Comments Comments Leave a Comment Do you find this helpful? It works with my newer TV except if you buy a gun for duck hunt it won't register properly. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. And these games look great and sound great on my modern flat screen TV. There are a few negative comments about this product in these reviews - I was aware of these and looked for them when first trying it out. Didn't find any of them.

Yes, it's made out of plastic, not carbon steel, but it works, it does exactly what it is advertised to do, very happy with this purchase, I like it, and you can't have it back. Overall, I really wanted this to be a great product, but I was sorely dissapointed. I've been looking forward to this purchase for awhile.

Modern TVs make it difficult to connect to old consoles, and I assumed that this modern console would bridge the gap between my hdtv, and favorite SNES games. It comes with an S cable Samsung hasn't had an S input for years!! I was surprised by this, but went with it. I was also dissapointed at the materials - a console should feel like it's built well.

RetroN 3 - PAL Compatibility & Usage

This one is light as a feather, and made with very cheap plastic. You do get what you pay for I guess. As an aside, the controllers are crap as previous reviews state. I used my own controllers in my test. I didn't even bother unwrapping them, as I had read the reviews about them already.

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  8. The plugs are also on the side of the system for some reason, but I'm sure they had good reason. I tried a classic NES game, Battletoads. This is my most reliable cartridge, and always worked in my NES on the first try. The connection is way too tight for the cartidge, and since it stands upright with no support, the cartidge is easily wobbled around, which of course ruins whatever gameplay you can get. I felt like I was ripping the cartidge to get it out!

    Sure enough, the intro screen came right up, but the colors were completely off. It pulsed pretty quickly. The picture was more pixelated than I remember it ever being, and this is on a small 30" tv. The colors were many, many shades off. I did reset my TV settings, but was still hit with the same problem.

    I pulled out the cartridge and cleaned the contacts, still looked terrible and the screen shift continued. The screen shift was so severe, it was unplayable. I pulled out my old SNES just to test it out and see what it would look like my NES has been dead for years and believe it or not the picture was better on my classic console than on the Retron! The shift was very minor, barely noticeable during game play. I plan on returning this Retron device and sticking with my old console until it finally dies.