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So to just put things into perspective, this is the order they were written in:. Dating Remus Lupin 3.

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Drive to Desperation The Pursuit to Slow Realisation Remus Lupin's Guide to Successful Courting She quickly turned her head back to the portal to stare out at the image of her home planet from space. She still hadn't figured out how to categorize their relationship, and eventually just decided there probably was no appropriate analogous term in either Federation Standard English or Vuhlkansu. He had asked her to marry him. She had tentatively said yes.

But now she had to tell her mother. The thought of telling her deeply socially conscious mother about her potentially pending nuptials to a Vulcan who was only four years younger than Amanda's grandmother was daunting. She would almost rather face down terrorists again. Her eyes wandered back to Sarek and she felt butterflies in her stomach. She wondered why she was so scared of how her mother would react.

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He was not only a planetary ambassador, but he was intelligent, even-tempered, well-spoken, well-traveled, well educated, kind, gentlemanly, and virtually everything her mother would want for her daughter. They might be alike in some respects, but nothing could conceal the fact that they were also very different people. She also worried that she was very young and hadn't had many serious relationships. People changed all the time. She had completed her doctorate, moved to San Francisco, taken her first job as a teacher, started and ended a relationship with a morally questionable politician, survived a riot, lost her father, was abducted by terrorists, and of course, had met Sarek.

Strangely, that hadn't mattered to him. Sarek the prankster seemed just as likely a scenario as Sarek the romantic who wanted to run away and elope. Of course, his exact words had been that they would simply require a period of "adjustment and education. When she thought about what their lives would be like, she found it wasn't easy to do. Would they just get married and move to Vulcan when his assignment on Earth was over? What would it be like to leave home and make a life somewhere else? Would he want children?

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  4. How to Date a Vulcan and Protocols for Human Courtship.
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Smaller details were even fuzzier. What would it be like to bicker and quarrel with someone so skilled in logic and debate?

Sweet Courtship

What if his stoic persona eventually got on her nerves? What if he found himself unable to tolerate her human personality? The transport shuttle entered Earth's atmosphere: Her stomach lurched in anxiety. Protocols for Human Courtship Abstract.

Sarek could sense Amanda's tension welling inside of her. He had felt it for days, but it reached an accelerated pitch as the shuttle began the descent to Earth. He was growing better at repressing her emotional overflow, but he still disliked the fact that she was nervous. Their shared experiences in the recent weeks had convinced him that he loved her and wanted to be her mate.

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